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Spanish Trip Diario

[SCIE web news, March 20th, 2017]Es el día primero en España. Después de nuestro vuelo de 13 horas, llegamos al aeropuerto Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas (MAD). Aunque todos nos sentimos cansados, me di cuenta que el cielo es limpio y el aire es más refrescante que Shenzhen.

Nos hemos alojado en el hotel Mayorazgo en el centro de Madrid. Es un hotel muy acogedor y bonito. La comida en el hotel es bastante especial. A mi, me gusta mucho la carne de vaca guisada. También comí la paella que es muy famosa en España. Pero no me gusta la paella porque odio comer las cascaras de algún marisco. Entonces tomé los postres, que son muy deliciosos, como la tarta de queso y los helados de vainilla. Después, primero fuimos la plaza mayor, que es una plaza magnífica. Con lámparas en la arquitectura del Renacimiento, sentimos que España es una ciudad bonita. En mi opinión, España es tranquila durante la noche pero es bulliciosa durante de día. Cerca de la plaza, vi el corte inglés, que es el centro comercial más conocido en España. 

Después de volver al hotel, estoy tan emocionada porque voy a recorrer Toledo. Para mi, es el comienzo de la aventura de antemano...

 12/18/2016  Toledo                                             Tiempo: hace mucho frío

Hay dos guías turísticos, Juanjo y Soledad. Juanjo es un señor mayor muy agradable, también un guía experimentado. Soledad es una chica china quien se licenció en la Universidad de Shanghai en china. Fue a Madrid el año pasado y decidió vivir allá. Hoy el destino es Toledo, una ciudad muy histórica, que es la capital antigua. Hay mucho arte medieval, con las iglesias espléndidas como laCatedral Primada Santa María. 

Fuimos a las catedrales y aprendimos cosas sobre la historia de religión, que es interesante para mi. Al mediodía, fui al restaurante con mi amiga Charlotte. Pedimos huevos rotos que contiene huevos, bacon y las patatas fritas abajo y lasagna que contiene boloñesa de ternera y gratén de queso. Las delicadezas son demasiadas deliciosas! El jamón es rico también.


12/19/2016  Madrid                                               Tiempo: hace frío y sol

Viajé en metro por primera vez. Hoy fui al museo de Prado. 

Prado Museum is not only big, it is also spectacular with the classical kind of style, like most catedrales. I’m not particularly interested in art or architecture, but I’m literally attracted by the appearance of it. Inside, there are lots of paintings and the decorations near the paintings make me feel immersed inside. I feel like I’m the part of the surroundings.

For lunch, with Charlotte and two other friends, we went to a pizza restaurant to grab out lunch. We sat outside and ordered two pizza,s trying to use as much Spanish as we could. The tablecloth is in lattice, with dark green and white stripes. A lady went out and put a heater near us - Spanish people are warm and friendly.

Pizzas taste so good that I could even wolf down several slices in seconds. That’s a little bit exaggerated, but I just want to express how good the pizza tasted, with eggs and cheese on.

The sky in Spain is really beautiful, as I said before. And the sunset is even more attractive. The descending sun dyeing the sky shades of orange and yellow, I feel like I wanna stay here forever.



 12/20/2016  Barcelona                                                 Tiempo: lloviendo

En mi opinion, Barcelona es más moderno que Madrid. Madrid es un poco antiguo porque tiene una historia larga.

Barcelona is even more beautiful. The port in Barcelona is modern, with the sunlight shining overhead.When the breeze gently brushes through, it is extremely agreeable. 

Then we went to La Sagrada Família, the most well- known church in Spain, even in the whole world. It began to be built hundreds years ago, and it is going on and on. I can hardly to find words to describe it as it is so magnificent. We went inside and looked at the colorful windows. With the light in, the windows deflect the light with different colors. There is a Jesus at the centre of the church, highlighting the religious element in Spain. 



12/21/2016  Barcelona                                              Tiempo: un poco sol

Voy al Park Guell hoy. Tiene la arquitectura rica y me siento que estoy en un pueblo de cuento de hadas.

We went to a town today and the town is like the one in fairy tale, because the style of the architecture is not Gothic any more, it is more adorable and colorful. One building is actually built based on the elephant traits. This is a lovely place.

This is also the day that I broke my glasses at the middle, which means they cannot be used. But I can ́t live without them. I must say, people in Spain are really warm- hearted. A man in the newspaper stand tried to help me stick the glasses together, but that didn’t work. Still, I appreciated that he spent his own time trying to help others. That’s really nice of him. So my profesora Maria gave me some tape for me to stick my 2-piece glasses back together, temporarily though. Luckily, we’ll go to un centro comercial and there, I’m able to buy a new pair of glasses. 

12/22/2016  Barcelona                                              Tiempo: un poco sol

El ultimo día en España. Fui al museo de Dali, que es muy famoso en el mundo.

Personally I don’t have so many thoughts and feelings regarding art, but at least I know that visiting Dali museum is a precious chance for them. The most impressive art in the museum is that there are several paintings with a silver bottles on them. First I couldn’t identify what the painter tries to express, but then I discovered that through the reflection of the silver bottle, there was something unusual. I discovered that it was a human skeleton. I have to say, that’s literally creative and awesome. And also kind of smart.

Then we went to a site of ancient remains along the coastline. We visited a museum again and listened to a tour guide introducing the history of the relics. Spain is a country with abundant cultural heritage, in art, architecture and so on.

I love Spain because Spanish people are really simpáticos. They are willing to offer help when someone needs it with hospitality and friendliness. Also, the architecture and the art in Spain cannot be missed out, or you’ll definitely regret it afterwards. Last but not the least, the delicacies -huevos rotos is the best dishes I’ve ever had in Spain, because the truth is that I cannot get used to the Spanish food. :))))))))

Spain is a good country. I love Spain, especially friendlySpanish people. I don’t wanna leave.

But I guess it’s time for me to return home now. Another 13-hour flight. I wish I could sleep all the way to Shenzhen!!!!

By Selina

Report from 《Shenzhen Daily》http://szdaily.sznews.com/html/2017-03/22/content_3751592.htm



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