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Matty Lim (G2 student)

If you let me describe how trip was in one word, you need to give me a few second for thinking, because it’s great! I think it was one of my favorite trip I ever have been.

In this CS field trip, what we have learned were far more then education. It was more about things stick with our life, like cooking, social skill to survive, responsibility, truly understand what we have do and sociability, get use to communicate and understand others’ culture. 

First day, we were ready and excited, for me, this was my first time to America. I was worried about jet leg, problem might cause by different culture, and things like that, but everything was cover by my exciting, a curiosity about outside world. Because I know, only after I experienced, I can give out my words. 

Sixteen hours flight from Hong Kong to Los Angelas plus four and a half hours flight from Los Angelas to Orlando, everyone was tried. Doing nothing more, other than sleeping. For me, plus eating. 

Talking about eating, I think making our own food was the high light of whole trip. No like other school field trip, teachers never allow you to use the kitchen (though most of field trip don’t really got one), but in this trip, you must learn how to cook! No one is responsible for making your dinner (but I and Patrick did most of cooking for others). In the house, kitchen is like your maker space, you must put down your cellphone, and concentrate on foods only, you don’t want to eat somethings nasty, right? After finished our foods, we also have to clean the mass up. I am not a diligent person, I usually let other clean the dishes for me (here I want to have a big thanks to Agassy, Max and Alex). We worked as a team, neat and tidy. I was proud of all my teammates.


For first four days, we were at kennedy space center for special training. Lego robot engineering, experiencing astronaut in real life, what we can’t do in normal, this trip make it happen.

I can say, Wonder land was most fun place we went in a past few days. You can experience hurricane, earthquake even brain wave, you name it.

If you are people who love shopping, you will enjoy your time in biggest outlet in Florida. Price is low, things are worth to buy.

This is my trip to Orlando, I will not tell more information, go and check it out by yourself, I promise you will enjoy it and you don’t want to miss it.


Daniel (G2 student)

D1: Start from the school, we took a bus to HK airport, and then flew to LAX airport. After that, we took a plane to go to Orlando, where we stayed for the days after.

D2: Leaving the home, we headed to the Kennedy Space Center ATX to start our three days course. Today, we experienced the multi-axis rotating chair which was seriously dizzy, the zero-gravity wall, which proved to be a pain in the bottom and the “dramatic” space mission simulation (I could not believe what the pilot did). After spending two hours to buy the dinner and two hours to home I went to sleep straightly.



D3: The second day in the ATX center gave us a chance to program an EV-3 robot to complete some tasks. We first took many measurements about the robots real moving details and then calculate the turns of wheels that we truly needed to get the robot moving to where we wanted. 

D4: The third day in the space center is a visiting day. We went along the special road for the rockets to tour through the lunching area. Then we go to see the rocket designed for reaching the moon, the reusable Atlantis space shuttle and the lunching control center. By the way, before the visiting, we finished some last tasks of our EV-3 robot, which is a success.


D5: This day was a happy day for we went to the only true pure playing part of our journey, the tour in the wonder world. In this fun place, we enjoyed a lot of activities like experience hurricane, see small lightings simulation of earthquake and most excitingly, the laser tag game. The game allowed us to use laser gun to shoot at the sensors on other’s body to gain points. I won the first place in my second turn, which was truly thrilling.

D6: At this day, we went to Ifly, the indoor skydiving equipment. I was the first one to try for the fly. Although wind speed in the wind tunnel was very high, once you were comfortable with it, you can then enjoy the feeling of flying. This trip was very funny but quite tiring.


Patrick (G2)

The most impressive part of the trip is definitely the journey to Kennedy Space Center, which was also the graduation day of our NASA camp.

We set off at 7am in the morning and passed the security check at 8am. Then we take a coach with our Columbian friends and traveled straight to the space center. This is how our journey started, we ride along the road with earphones playing nice music, and milk-white clouds hanging above our head. It was the time that I quite understood why the American chose to launch their space shuttle in Orlando, this is a land with clear sky and vast, flat ground. You can find the skyline easily when you stand on the beach. Though the rain could come suddenly, it won’t last long so the weather is fine for most of the time. “The best place for launching!”, our guide, Paul told us like that.


The laughing platform is not very far. It is absolutely a giant machine, it is said that America is the only country in the world which transfer their shuttle vertically from the warehouse, so the platform should also be the “feet" of the shuttle and has to be able to carry the shuttle with thousands of tons mass. Though the space shuttle project has been stopped for so many years, there are still groups of workers climbing up and down, helping deliver boxes of kits. The platform is very old though, you can see the stain everywhere on the track. I’ve heard of the NASA’s new project. Those people are planning to launch a newly design space shuttle into space to explore the deeper level of universe. Maybe one day they would repaint the platform and bring it a new life. After getting off the coach, we visited the museum of Atlantis. The progress for its introduction was very impressive, the American people use a switch from the fictitious video to a real space shuttle, which was very astounding.


Diane Anthony(Computer Science Teacher/Trip Leader)

This report would be incomplete if I didn’t add my experience. We began as a team showing one identity as can be seen by our dress code. We are wearing the T-shirts designed the previous year by SCIE talented G1 students. I would describe this trip in two words “adrenaline rush”. It was cross-curricula in every sense of the word. There was a fusion of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, social, language, international-mindedness and research skills.


It was 7 days to go and 100 things to do. Long hours of driving to Kennedy Space Center didn’t stop the fun for a happy bunch of energetic students. It was the first time that I lead an all-male, international fieldtrip. They were absolute fun to be with. I had the pleasure of sampling their amazing dishes. I was even served a mid-autumn meal. These guys took over the kitchen like expert chefs. They made from scrambled eggs to medium-cooked steak and pork. They made sandwiches and burgers and according to one of the chef, a “Western-Asian” dish. They did it all in the kitchen. These guys took to grocery-shopping like magnets, helping me to shop all the necessary ingredients for their exotic menus which they had written on their phones. You don’t need to ask what a kitchen looks like with between 4 – 6 guys cooking. I leave that to your imagination. The parents of the students were very encouraging throughout the process.


One of the interesting moments for me was when my group of males encountered an almost all female Colombian group of students at Kennedy Space Center. The females were automatically attracted to my guys. They taught Alex from A2 was the most handsome. I tried to get my shy boys to socialize with the girls and I even had to do some Spanish-English translation to get conversation going. Alex actually made some progress as you can see, social skills at work. Daniel danced and spoke freely to those he met at Kennedy Space Center. He was very sociable.

What more could I ask for!!! The guys were simply amazing! They made the trip fun. Thank you. 

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