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 [SCIE web news, Jan 11th, 2017] Recently, SCIE Computer Science classes headed to Orlando to have a field trip, under the leadership of Mr. Greenwood and MS Diane and Robert Liu. The followings are diaries written by students.


Austin 3860 – A1 student: 

The only activity today was shopping for grocery. It was the first time I buy so many things in a single bill(600+USdollars). The staffs we bought almost fill up the car when we were back. Also, today is the first time for me to play Snooker; really' simple physics'. I'm really looking forward to the incoming days.


The field trip officially began today. The first activity is the iFLY, where we experience sky diving in wind tunnel. When I was in grade 4, I had the first glimpse of the wind tunnel in a manga and 7 years later, I finally get the chance to try once. It was really exciting. With the massive pressure exerted by the wind on our body, the disappearance of the gravity could be sensed easily. 

Today's activity is visiting the Wonderworks. It is kind of a game center. We tried whole lots of facilities. Some of them was quite interesting. The outer look of the Wonderworks is an up-side-down house. It seems to be blown to here.


Today is the first day of the Kennedy Space Center trip. However, we are not yet going into the visitor center but having a training for few days first. The educator there teach us some basic ideas about the space shuttle and let us to try to land it by our self. Then we had a simulation on a complete space shuttle mission. Also, we tried the spacewalk which we only can use our hand to move. Although it was not really tired walking for few minutes, real astronauts do need to walk for hours. That must be hard work.


Today was a robotic day. The only activity was building and programing the robot to finish certain tasks. First of all, we calibrated the robot since it didn't move the exactly same path as what we programed. There were so many random errors which made this task very annoying. After that, we programed the robot to move and perform some functions. Some students even programed a song through the robot's speaker. Although it was not the first time I play with robots, doing it with friend did increase the happiness.


Today is the third day of the KSC trip. First the educators informed that NASA had already switched their objective to Mars investigation. Therefore, we need to design a base for the future use. My team decided to design a communication base for Mars. We had a list for choosing suitable things that we required for the base. Everything went quite well. In the afternoon, we also designed a structure in order to fit all the 3 team members. Our structure was quite stupid, but it works.


Today is the 4th day of the KSC trip. We visited the visitor complex of the KSC and there were really lots of exhibition going on there. We get a chance to meet with an astronaut who has been into space for 4 times. He shared some experience during his final mission. It was interesting indeed. Also, there is a real retired space shuttle there. Its name is Atlantis. This was the first time that I can observe a real space craft in such close distance.


Today we visited the KSC launch pads and the Saturn 5 building. It was the first time for me to get so close to the rockets assembly building and launch sites. Here in KSC is where the first manned rocket of USA launched and almost the entire Mercury program, Apollo program and space shuttle program took place here. The Saturn 5 building contains a real unused Saturn 5 rocket, which is the biggest rocket ever built by human beings. Also, there was an exhibition of all of the Apollo missions.


Today is Christmas eve. We spent our entire afternoon for shopping and watching films. Star Wars episode 8 just came out, so some of us went to see Star Wars. The new episode was really long but very worth watching. Today Mr. Greenwood provided a very good English tradition Christmas lunch for us. The food was delicious and special. I think it was the first time for me to try some turkey and there wasn't actually much difference form normal chicken.


Walter 3767 - A1 student: 

We assemble in the garden room at 12:30. After taking a photo with CIF t-shirt on, we headed towards the Hong Kong airport in bus. 

13 hours in the plane from hongkong to LA, had a quick dinner in LA airport, 4 hours in plane again to fly from the west of America to the east, we arrived at Orlando.

The car that took us to the house were absolutely amazing! It's got Wi-Fi, freezer, and huge space for each person. 

The house was big, and cosy. It was the next morning when we arrived the house. So, we went to the supermarket to buy ingredients and food in the afternoon. After having three quick frozen pizzas for lunch, we all sleep in the afternoon since we barely had sleeps on the plane. Ate a simple dinner while the others were still asleep at around 10 o’clock, I went to bed afterwards. It was a tiring day, but it's great.


Day two. we woke up early at around 6:30. The breakfast was great, I cooked sausage, bacon, and eggs. ate with bread and milk. a fresh start for a day. I also took several pictures of the house we lived in. It is beautiful! we left at around 10:00, headed to the ifly. had a small lecture about the physics behind the indoor skydiving, and tried it out ourselves. It is exciting and fun. Had a lunch at a restaurant, learnt more about the American culture, specifically, how to give tips. we then went back to the house and do shopping at Best Buy.

we went to wonder world. it is quite interesting. it's got tones of science experiment and demonstration, such as, the demonstration of earthquake, hurricanes, thunder etc. we learnt quite a lot. at around 12:00, we ate pizza for lunch. the pizzas didn't taste as good as the pizzas in china.

In the evening, MR GREENWOOD cooked potatoes for us. Delicious! Proper food!

I ate it with some steak and vegetables. not bad at all.


We went to Kenney Space Center.

We played with the landing simulator for space craft, and cosplay the commander, mission specialist, control centre of a mission. then, we learnt something about the things that will happened if one is in outer space without suits. we've also learnt the creation of diper.

then we played with the 'three axis rotator machine', it was sick, and it made me sick.

we experience 'zero gravity' by the help of wires. at last, we had a try on Lego machine simulating the mission in mars. it was quite fun.


Today we planned a mission of our own to the mars. we drew posters and present it in front of the other teams. we learn that, it is actually a very complicated subject and it requires a lot of thought in order to make it average. After doing that, we built our shelter!!! it was really fun and exciting. we used merely paper and tape and successfully built a shelter that has the capacity of three to be protected from the sand storm incoming. although it looks quite ugly, it works. it was tired though, but overall, another fun day.


We were still in the space center. but today, we are playing with the 'rover' on the moon — a Lego robot.

At first, we calibrated it by recording some data about the way it moves on different surface. then, we started to learn how to programme it so that it can follow the path we gave it, and did some 'science research' on the 'moon rock sample' located on the mood.

Our team managed to finish all the tasks given. it was a meaningful and knowledgeable day.

Today we visited hall of fame. we learnt a lot about all those missions and the stories of those missions. we've also attended a retired astronaut's speech talking about the stories and missions he had. it was interesting and exciting.


Then, we saw the huge space plane, discovery, the real space shuttle. it was really big, and it looks cool. We learnt the way it is operated and some history of it.


Today we went to visit the launch pad of space craft. and the vehicle assemble building. they were huge and beautiful. the bus tour told us some history about it and on our way back, we've seen some alligator. Then, we visited the place with the Saturn 5 rocket. it was a really big rocket. we learnt the detail of the missions that made man walked on moon. it was exciting to see. 

Today, we rest. I woke up at 8:00 and had some quick breakfast. as for lunch, Diane cooked for us. it was really delicious. then, we played and rested by the pool. In the afternoon, we went shopping. however, most of the shops closed at 6:00. and I missed the only shop that might sell what I wanted, so, big fat sadness. 

Another rest day. I woke up at 9:00. had breakfast, and then went sleeping again. at lunch time, Mr. greenwood cooked for us. it was great. then, after having lunch, I went back to sleep again. and I missed the dinner. Lol so I ate a few pieces of bread with peanut butter, and drink a can of soda. That’s it, about the day. Tomorrow we are going to universal studio, so I shall get some more rest and prepared for the most exciting day I was told I would have.


I played the snooker with Mr. Joe and my friends. I also washed the dishes after dinner. Today, I experienced the sky diving and learnt a lot about the terminal velocity. Today, I went to the wonder world which is an interesting place. There I played a lot of games. Today I went to the KSC. There I attended the ATX courses of training astronauts. I fly the pilots training instruments and experienced the space walk and took part in a launching activity of space shuttle. 

Today is more about STEM fun than STEM workshop, according to Ms. Diane. Indeed, Wonder world is like a science theme park, using science theories to create interesting facilities, illusions, etc.


Today is the first day that we have been to Kennedy Space Center. The place is actually called ATX center, I guess it is just one affiliate of KSC or something like that. People there welcomed us with great hospitality. We had a bunch of activities, all of which were fascinating in my point of view. We simulated zero gravity, and climbed using only our hands; we simulated the landing of Discovery, which was quite easy since the simulator isn't built for scientific uses; we received a lecture from a lady whose name I unfortunately have forgotten on the history of the early days of NASA. We even simulated a whole process of launching a Discovery into space, deploy a communication satellite, and then return the shuttle back to Earth. I played the role of Flight Director, which I enjoyed very much—although I may enjoy the post of commander pilot who is actually flying the Discovery more. We had a lot of different positions, including a few specialists, EECOM, Public Affairs Officer, a sort of physician on the ground looking out for crew members on board, and a bunch of other positions which I unluckily forgot. It was a very intense process, several alarms went off, accidents occurred because of human errors, etc. We all tried our best to do our respective part, everyone is focused on his or her objectives while communicating and cooperating with others, either crew members or ground controllers. However, the outcome was not satisfactory, since we ended up smashing the discovery into the ground. I don't want to blame anyone for the crash, since a teamwork gone wrong is never one person's fault, but I do feel that the inexperience of the commander pilot is the major cause. Remember the landing simulator that was too easy to be realistic that I mentioned above? Here it was not that easy. There was wind, turbulence and other more realistic features of aerodynamics. If I were to be the commander pilot, I guess with my experience flying FSX I can at least not perform a controlled flight into terrain. That being said, I still enjoyed my position, flight director, very much.


Today is all about robots. Well, actually it is just Lego bots, or rovers, to be exact. We are supposed to "program" our Lego bots with its dedicated programming software on iPad. It is much easier than programming in script languages such as Python, Java, etc., but still interesting enough. To be honest it is more like a graphical programming language, where you use "components" in graphical representation to conjure up something which will control the movements of our bots. We had several tasks to finish, so it's all about teamwork. I was in a team of three. Frankly speaking I had quite a hard time with one of my teammates, but after a while we started to cooperate quite smoothly: when calibrating, one of us is responsible for recording the calibration data we got, one of us is responsible for working on the iPad programming, and the other is responsible for taking measurements of the movements of the rover bot. 

Yesterday was about Lego bots, today is about building a Mars base. Interesting. More Interesting than yesterday, I think. I like these kind of brainstorms, especially when it is about an unfamiliar topic, such as building a Mars base on 2077. I have to admit that it is quite challenging, since I am really not knowledgeable about Mars. But this is what makes it interesting. When faced with a problem you have never encountered or heard of before, you'll have to improvise, and push your thinking skills to its limit and try to figure out how things should work under that certain circumstance, as well as trying to cover as many downsides as possible and coming up with ways to fix them. In the very end, we even get to build a shelter using paper scrolls. It didn’t go as we thought, because we were too ambitious, trying to build it high up. Guess this is part of the thinking skills, not to mention the engineering part.


Christmas day it is. Good to have another day off. We literally idled off almost all day, eating and playing around and chattering is what we did. But we all enjoyed it quite much. The other house came to our house, making the Christmas day more brimful. It's always better to have more people when you are partying in your house. Mr. Greenwood prepared food for all of us, which he said was the traditional British Christmas dinner. The turkey was really wonderful, I think. To be honest, I enjoyed this "western" Christmas.


Lily 4187 – G2 Student:

Today, we arrived in Orlando at 5 o'clock in the morning. This was the first day of our field trip. For accommodation, the whole team was split into two houses. Both houses are very beautiful and very big. Our house is decorated with Christmas socks and wreaths. The club house has a huge Christmas tree and a Santa Claus standing in front of the door. The neighborhood was filled with Christmas spirit and in front of every house are decorations. After we tidied up, the teachers took the team leaders to the supermarket to buy groceries. We bought many things for our teams, for example, salmon, pizza, pie, cheese cake and many other foods. The store was huge and we have to communicate with the sales men in English. It was very fun and we had a great time.


When we were coming home, we saw an orange orchard and we picked some oranges. This was a totally new experience for me and I enjoyed it very much. For dinner, we had pizza, fruit salad, chips and milk. We sat together, talked and enjoyed the time spent with each other in one house. 

Today was the second day of our field trip. We got up at half past six and had a great breakfast which included bacon, eggs, bread and milk. At nine o'clock, we set off for iFly. It is a special place where we can experience true flying. When we arrived there, an instructor taught us many things about STEM. We learnt how the system works to make us fly, the principles that the system follows, and the structure of the whole thing. It was a great experience. After the short course, we tried flying. It was an unforgettable experience. The wind was very cold and strong, but it was a whole new experience to me and I really enjoyed it. I felt as light as a feather floating in the air.


After iFly, we went to have lunch in Friday's. There was a large variety of food. I ordered a chicken burger and it was very delicious. After resting in the afternoon, we went shopping. I went to the Dollar Tree and Ross. The things they sold were very cheap and I bought a huge pile of things that are quite interesting. I also bought some gifts for my family members and my friends. Today was a really fun day.


Today, we went to Wonder Works. The building looks like an upside-down house. It was very unique. Inside, there were many games like dancing, throwing basketball, experiencing earthquakes, mind ball, laser tag and many other fun stuffs. My favorite thing was walking above all the rides on strings and wood stripes. It was very cool and exciting. We played until half past two in the afternoon, and when we got home, we started to prepare dinner. We had potato sauce spaghetti for dinner. It was really delicious and I’m very thankful to the people who prepared the dinner for us.


Today was our first day at Kennedy Space Centre. It was a long day. Because it is so far away, we have to get up at 5 a.m. in the morning. Fortunately, we saw the sunrise of Florida for the first time. At first, the sky was a bit pink. Then it became whiter and whiter, brighter and brighter. Shapes of clouds begun to appear in the lighted sky and then the top of the sun came up. It was fascinating and beautiful. We got to Kennedy Space Centre at about 9 a.m. The Space Centre was located on a beautiful island. The sky was so blue and we couldn’t tell the sea apart from it. We also saw alligators and eagles on our way to the Space Centre. It was very surprising for us to see them next to the road. In the Space Centre, we experienced 0 gravity training. We could go up and down a ladder only with our hands! It was amazing. Then, we learnt about some history of the American Space Program and we simulated how to land a space craft on a simulation computer. It was really hard to land because the aircraft was so hard to control. Then, we went through a script which told us about how the mission control centre communicates with the astronauts in the space craft. They use special “NASA language” which we didn’t understand at first. We used simulators to experience the whole thing and it was a fantastic experience. At last, we went on a simulator which trained us for an error in the space craft. We experienced what does it feel like when the space craft goes out of control. It kept spinning around really fast. I got a bit dizzy and now I know how hard being an astronaut is. Today was really fun and I’m looking forward to tomorrow very much.


Today was our second day at Kennedy Space Centre. We leant things about robots and experimented with them. It was really fun. In the morning, we did calibre. The robots don’t go in an actual straight line when they were instructed to, so we measured how much they lean to one side when they go a specific distance. Also, we measured the percentage of error in the turned angle. Then, in the afternoon, we used our results in the morning to calculate how much the robot should be instructed to go for specific tasks. The first task was to push all the balls out of a square. The second task was to go around the map of Mars. The third was to touch a model on the table without making it fall. It was very hard but after trying for many times, we made it work. The fourth task was to move a model around the Mars map. It was a really fun day.


Today was our third day at Kennedy Space Centre. We designed a Mars mission for the future. We had to plan what to bring for our mission and because there was limited space on the space craft, we had to plan very carefully. We designed a mission to investigate how can the soil on Mars be used as a building material. It was really fun and we learnt a lot about space missions. In the afternoon, we tried to build a structure of a shelter base on Mars using sticks made of newspaper. The structure made by my group and I was really strong and nice. I was very proud of it.


Today was our fourth day at Kennedy Space Centre. We went to the visitor centre of NASA. There was a rocket garden and the Astronauts’ Hall of Fame. I learnt a lot about the Mercury, the Gemini, the Shuttle and the Apollo program. They showed the development of the American Space Program. I learnt a lot. After that, we had lunch. It was very delicious. Then, we went to see Atlantis. It was a real spaceship from the Shuttle program. It was huge. Ms. Val told us a lot of things about the structure of Atlantis and we learnt a lot. After that, we went to the gift shop and I bought a postcard and a key ring for my friend. It was an interesting day.


Today was the last day at Kennedy Space Centre. We went on a bus tour. During the bus tour, we saw many wild life, like alligators and seagulls. Also, we saw the vehicle assembly building, the launch pad and many other buildings of NASA. Then, we went to see Saturn V. It should be used for the Apollo 14 program but it wasn’t used for many reasons. It was left for display in a building for us to see. I was really impressed when I saw all the huge engines and the huge rocket. At last, we went on a show. It told us a story about Neil Armstrong and his first land on the moon. It was a really fun experience.


Today was Christmas Eve. We slept until 9 o’clock and we had breakfast. After breakfast, we went to the other house to have lunch. Before lunch, we exchanged our gifts and everyone was really happy. Lunch was prepared by Ms. D and it was a traditional Christmas lunch. It was really good, containing roast beef, chicken, vegetables and fruit. After that, we played many games together and passed the day by relaxing.


Today passed similarly with yesterday. Before lunch, we played a game on the grassland outside together. It was really fun, and we practiced working as a team and helping each other. Our team won and we were really happy. Lunch was prepared by Mr. Greenwood. He made many courses, such as ham, turkey, jam, vegetables and fruits. He also made two appealing bread and butter pie. They were so good! In the afternoon, we chat together and relaxed. What a great holiday! 

Today was our last day in the US. We would go back home tomorrow. We went to Universal Studio. The first ride I went on was a roller coaster. It was huge and very exciting. Then, I went on the Spiderman Ride. It was a 4D tour with Spiderman and it was really amazing. We also went on Jurassic Park and the King Kong Ride. They were very good as well. For lunch, me and my friend bought Starbucks and a huge turkey leg. It was very delicious. In the afternoon, we went to an outlet and bought many things.


Raymond 5020 – G1 Student: 

After 18 (12 + 6) hours’ flight, on which I slept for about only 6 hours in total and read a little book as well as listening to music and watching anime, we finally arrived at Orlando International Airport. Then we took a coach to our residence, a big house with brown top roof and off-white walls, which is able to contain about 16 people without making any of them feel crowded. 

After settling down in a room with other three people, since today is all for rest, we went up and played pool game with teachers, Robert and Joe, and had a great fun. I didn't know our principle, Joe, can play pool game really well before.


Then Ms. Diane took we team leaders and assistant leaders to a supermarket to buy some food. Each team has its own way of preparing food, like our team leader picked up great amount of frozen food such as frozen pizza and filled up a whole shopping cart. And later we found it was a great struggle to put everything onto the van, since the total volume of them can be greater than that of ourselves! 

Back to the house we cooked three frozen pizzas with electric baker and had a big rest. I watched Sword Art Online with Steve while others slept for the entire afternoon. And we didn’t notice it was already evening until we thought of looking up the time.


This is the first day we cook breakfast at the house. Hobbes pour and egg on the stove and made a fuss to clean it up. Today we went to a wind tunnel experience center, iFly, to study basic function of a wind tunnel and each try flying in it. Seeing the physics formula for calculating air resistance, most of us felt like we were back at school again, although Ms. Diane just said we are not here to study but only have fun two days ago! After the lesson, each of us can experience flying in a wind tunnel with a skilled instructor for only one minute, but wearing suit and helmet took us at least ten minutes. I think I did quite well in the tunnel, since I found my balance in the first few seconds after first entering the gate.

We had lunch at a restaurant that serves roasted meat and hamburger. Hobbes, Ekaterina, and I sat together at a table and discussed interesting things between houses at school as well as those happens between boys and girls, which, I think, is the best part of the day. To be honest, this is probably the first time I talk with my school mates seriously about love stories and advices for special incidences, just like the characters in anime series do. I felt really tired after the day so I fell into the bed and slept until evening without going out shopping with others. Most of them bought Christmas gifts which I’ve already prepared in Shenzhen, while Hobbes brought back a new iPhone X!


Today I and Hobbes got up at 5:00 and cooked ourselves breakfast and finished before anyone else. We left at 10:00 to get to ‘Wonder Works’, a science museum that looks like a upside-down house. 

Today is our first day being in Kennedy Space Center. Our phones were collected as soon as we got to the place because, in teachers’ opinion, it can make us more sociable.


In the morning, we played space shuttle launching mock. We all picked a role related to launching process randomly, and I got SSO, the one who stays on the ground and monitors shuttle’s fuel and propelling system. Then we separated into two groups, one on the ‘shuttle’, the other in control room. Each of us wore a headphone for communication with the other group. We did the launch, only reading scripts given to us, as it’s too complicated for us to conduct the whole process by ourselves, but it’s still much fun. 

In the afternoon, we played spacewalk and small spinning machine. During spacewalk, a rope hung us in the back and provided equal and opposite force to our weight to counteract it so that it was like we were in zero-g zone. Spinning machine was not as scary as I thought before. As long as you keep looking at the top of the spinning and rolling ball which you sit in, you’ll feel that it’s the world spinning instead of you do, and being upside down is also not a very serious matter.


Workers also introduced the way they astronauts eat food and excrete their waste. They had a special chemical, which can turn liquid into gelatinoids in few seconds, used in space suit to deal with unavoidable nature call during the mission. We all joked about pouring a lot of that kind of thing in to swimming pool while others are swimming, which must be a great fun! 

Today we did some really fun things. In the morning, there was a task to plan an expedition mission that will set up an outpost for a kind of research. There’re five choices, science experiment, communication development, rover test, agriculture experiment, and engineering test, and our group chose the last one. There were words in introduction that indicates that we already had a base on Mars and what we supposed to do is only drive a rover out, but I spent lots of time to get that meaning, and when all of the groups doing presentations, we actually found that most of the group misunderstood the meaning and planned through from zero (from earth), which made me glad that I had spent time reading the introduction.


Our plan was to do some research related to constructing buildings on Mars such as investigating the soil and weather as well as testing building materials and resource recycle systems. We also tried to foresee what we can do after this mission, which is building a successive space factory chain (only two, one on the orbit of the earth, the other on that of the Mars) to transport and fabricate materials from earth and place them onto the Mars, which was doubted by most of the audiences. I enjoyed this event because it gave us a chance to dream about future construction in space in the future, which made Hobbes and me very excited, as well as the chance to present it to everyone else.


We then tried to construct some emergency shelter using rods made of paper. Our group did it too slow, so we only finished one third, and found a silly way to contain all of us.

We also held a birthday party for one of our field trip members, Levy, at night. On the party, I tried to use portrait filming function of my phone and took some good photos, especially the one which contains chicken legs being cooked.


Today we went to Kennedy Space Center and saw real rockets and shuttles as well as learned some space adventure history and experienced launch process in a simulator.

Exhibitions of old space stuffs are very interesting, and space shuttles were really magnificent. The worker who in charge of introducing things for us really hard even under the great sun. And the astronaut who made a lecture for us also spoke vigorously about his experience in the shuttle although he has been very old. I could feel people’s passion towards space exploration through these.


Besides, I found it was a great chance to practice taking photos so I took great amount of them. There were photos of texts in the exhibition, old styled console, huge thruster of a shuttle and so on. I observed carefully, picking an optimum angle and changing brightness of the photo to meet my requirements. I also edited them many times after taking them. I finally found that back and white photos can create a special feeling, making things seem to be more impressive than those in colored photos. 

When we were back at our house, Hobbes and I went out again to take some photos of sunset. We found tails of planes and rockets really beautiful in the sky during sunset. I suddenly found that I really like photography even though I’m not a professional photographer. I felt that being able to take photos and deliver the feeling of seeing things in the photo to everyone is a great happiness.


This is our last day in KSC camp. We visited Saturn V, the largest rocket NASA ever built, which was used in Apollo missions. Our guide suggested we walk under the giant rocket. ‘As you walk under it, you can keep thinking you’re walking under such a powerful thing that nearly equal to a nuclear bomb!’, she said. I really like the feeling of marching under huge artificial things, for it reminds me what human can do when they really mean to something.

I always enjoyed the introductory presentation in Kennedy Space Center, as well as today’s. We sat in a room that has many old styled consoles and watched the whole launch process from the view of the ground control room. I felt like I was one of the works who in charge of launching Apollo 11 in 1969, feeling the proud of launching successfully after years of hard work. I hold that those presentations were impressive because they’re really well planned to make audiences understand the difficulties and hard-work to run a space program, as well as the great happiness after success. Besides, I found that silver-tone filter lens is very suitable for complicated machines.


This is the first day we had nothing to do. We slept until 7:10, and did things in our rooms. I finished watching Sword Art Online, and started watching Sword Art Online II. Others in my room some played game and others read some book.


We had lunch made by Mr. Greenwood together with team A and B who live in another house and went in the afternoon to watch the film Star War VIII. It’s my fourth time to watch a film in cinema without subtitle, so I didn’t feel very hard to understand what characters says. 

We stayed near the cinema until 8:30 when Ms. Diane came to pick us up and send us back to the house. Before leaving, Steve, two seniors and I joked about things between two field trip members, a boy and a girl, such as always talking together no matter where and keeping searching for each other when they’re apart. Those three sighed about not having a girlfriend. But I said, we there’re both advantages and disadvantages to have a girlfriend, so no matter if you have one, you should enjoy living under current circumstance. And they said, I was probably the first one among us who succeed in finding a girlfriend!


This is our last whole day in Orlando, and we went to Universal Studio. We got a ticket that can let us go into both Universal Studio and Universal’s Island of Adventure. 

I played two games, Shrek 4D and Transformer, together with Steve and two seniors, then went into some shops and took some photos of things inside the park with Hobbes after lunch. I found that I only visited very few of all games and shops in the two parks, but I didn’t feel regretted about that, for I can’t visit any more sites in limited time and already had some fun.


I feel compelled to mention the transportation between the two parks. It was built to restore the train scenes in Harry Potter. Not only for the names ‘9 and 3 / 4 platform’ and ‘Hogsmeade’ as well as the appearance of the train but also for scenes displayed during the trip. We sat in rooms on the train just like characters in the film did, with screens beside on both window on the right and corridor clapboards on the left. The screen on the window displayed outer view of the world of Harry Potter, moving as the train in reality moved. The corridor clapboards generated shadows of characters and played their dialog. I really felt like being in the film. I found that the sites we visited and the activities we joined in Orlando are all designed to raise audiences’ sense of participation by deliberately creating similar scenes as those in history events or movies for them, which I enjoyed and appreciated very much.


Since it’s the last whole day in Orlando, I took a photo of sunset on the car back to the house, roughly edited it, and posted it onto WeChat Moments. I’m not sure if I can successfully deliver the feeling of getting away from the city to everyone who sees the photo, but at least I felt a little sad about it. 

We'll be on aboard our flight back to Shenzhen tomorrow. Hobbes said that he’s first thing back to school is to order a delivered Chinese food, for we’ve been not touching any Chinese food these days, and I suddenly thought of that after coming back to Shenzhen, our lives will be back to normal again. What have we got from this trip? How are they going to change our life? Will they do so? For now, I don’t know any of the answers. But the true thing is, I’ve known more about people around me, like Steve, as well as made some new friends such as Hobbes. I believe that I can have more contact with my schoolmates and learn more from them after that.

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