To Show The Best! SCIE Got Talent!


The SGT Final is always held in the mid-autumn. 

It was six o’clock on a Thursday and, unlike the usual, the atmosphere in the theatre was busy and tense. Event staff running up and down the stair were counting the number of contestants, prefects and members were moving around on the stage to help the rehearsal of the last group. In the booth, prefects from the communication and media division were checking the live stream, the hosts are adjusting their voices…Everyone was busily preparing for one of the biggest shows — the SCIE Got talent Final.

“Attention all, only fifteen minutes before audience entry!”

The message over the intercom makes people more nervous and finish the rest of their job quickly. With a final confirmation, the door opened and the audience poured into the theatre and found seats. Audiences were discussing their friends’ performances, and then it was 6:30 and the performance start.

The spotlights light up the curtains and suddenly the theatre fell silent. Applause erupted as the hosts slowly stepped out and announced the start of the SGT Final.

The first part of the show consisted of seven performances, four of which were sung. A beam of white light gently hits the dark stage and the eyes of the audience are focused on the centre. The contestants either sat on high stools and sang, or stood in the centre and spoke softly. Their emotions were conveyed to everyone through the progression of their songs and their excellent singing skills. 

Between songs, there was the Violin Concerto. Dressed in suits and ceremonial dresses, the group demonstrated the charm of classical music with outstanding skills. 

Then a band brought us a song named young blood. 

Also shining on the SGT stage was the dance prepared by the contestants. Eleven girls put together three well-known Kpop songs, with rhythmic music, neat movements and Korean dances.

Kicking off the second part of the show was a jazz dance from guest, Sparking, followed by the collaborative performances by contestants. 

Pairs of contestants had different styles, but that’s what brought out the innovative interpretations of the team performance. 

The perfect fusion of violin and soloist, the fusion of dance and vocals, and the heavenly collaboration between the band and vocals all brought a fresh experience to the audience. 

Time flew fast, and the contestants had finished their performances. During voting, the a-cappella, who was the guest, gave a great vocal performance. 

The final performance was by the winner of last year’s SGT, which brought today’s show to the end.

The host took the stage and announce the top three performances for this year. They were: Jessie singing Someone You Loved, String Quintet playing The Four Seasons-Winter, and Coco and Molly performing All I Ask. 2021 SGT ended to a full house of applause and cheers.

The show is always held in the autumn when Shenzhen becomes cool, but this year, I am a part of the warm stage.