Success at USAD 2020

In this USAD Game (China), the SCIE team won a total of 9 awards – the highest number in Shenzhen:

Shenzhen College of International Education

Outstanding Achievement Award (3 Years)

Holistic Education Rising Star School

♦ G1 Ling Duan (honors)

Gold Award in Science

Gold Award in Literature

Gold Award in Social Science

Top Score by Team Award

♦ G1 Agnes Sun (Varsity)

Bronze Award in Interview

Xue Piao: Coaching Excellence Award

Yanfang Zhu: Coaching Excellence Award

On the evening of April 12, 2020, the USAD China 2020 officially ended. Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, the event was delayed and changed to the form of online testing. The USAD USA 2020 originally scheduled on May was unfortunately canceled. In the process of online competition, despite the disruption of the epidemic, the members of our SCIE community team are still actively preparing for the game, making the best preparations for the online testing. In order not to have any regrets, we spared no efforts to strive to the medal of every subject.

The United States Academic Decathlon(USAD)is an American academic competition for high school students. It consists of 10 events: math, economics, science, social science, music, art, literature, essay, interview and speech. Every year,the Los Angeles Times and other important medias will report on this event and the president of the United States will commend the USA Finals champion team of all previous year at the White House. This event also attracts many students from domestic major international schools and international departments to participate actively.

The theme this year was “In Sickness and Health: An Exploration of Illness and Wellness“, which included some expertise that we were seldom exposed to. But we were not afraid, and even more determined when we received the news that the offline competition was postponed and changed to virtual competition. In the preparation process, we were 100% focused and persistent.

During the online competition, we entered the meeting with our own devices. The invigilators supervised the testing through the camera of the devices, which cooperated with the restrictions of the evaluation of Webloom can fully guaranteed the fairness of the competition. Under the guidance of the invigilators, competitors orderly logged in the assessment of various subjects on the Webloom website. Even interviews and speeches can took place by recording video. In order to ensure that the participants can skillfully operate the system in the formal competition to avoid being disqualified caused by technical mistakes, the organizers conducted a simulation game with the same process as the formal competition several weeks in advance.

The online competition officially ended. Although it was postponed for two months and changed to a virtual competition, our team members still insisted in constant practice and knowledge review under the organizer’s instructions. And the large amount of time and effort we paid also got the return we deserved. The Award Ceremony was broadcast live on Bilibili, and the number of online viewers exceeded 50,000.

We sincerely congratulate the above awarded students and teachers and appreciate the efforts and contributions made by our team members. There is no end to learning. Let’s keep working hard and make more achievements in USAD 2021.