USAD2022|215 Awards, 2 National Firsts


This year, 32 students from four teams of SCIE took part in USAD National, a record high number. In summary, our school won 215 awards, of which 213 people received awards. The school has been awarded two honor titles as well!


United States Academic Decathlon (USAD) provides an authoritative platform for high school students to participate in a comprehensive academic competition in the United States. The competition consists of ten subjects, including seven objective subjects, namely art, economics, literature, mathematics, music, science, and social science. In addition, there are three subjective test subjects: speech, interview, and essay writing.

Every year’s competition has a specific theme; all the preparatory studies are carried out around the theme. The contest encourages in depth thematic study, thematic research, multi-subject challenge, and teamwork. The mission of USAD is to enable all students to enjoy the academic journey and achieve fruitful results.

The theme of 2022 USAD is “Water: A Most Essential Resource.” This year, students dive into the world of “water.” From learning the water origin to the development of human civilization caused by “water,” all participants fully enriched themselves in the immersive aqua world.

Even though the competition was unfortunately changed to online due to the Covid pandemic, members of our school team still made their best efforts to prepare and achieved remarkable results in various aspects.

At the closing ceremony held on May 2nd, Sabrina Wang from G2, was invited by the organizing committee for her outstanding achievements. She spoke at the closing ceremony and shared her learning methods and preparation process. In all, USAD 2022 China National has come to a successful conclusion.

SCIE won 213 awards and 2 school honors in 2022 USAD China:


Whole-Person Development Award

General Education Model School

National Individual Overall

Bronze: Sabrina Wang (Top1 in Southern China)

National Individual Award


Music:  Sabrina Wang (Top1 in China)

Economics: Joy Lei

Essay: Sabrina Wang (Top1 in China)

Interview: Alicia Zhang


Math: Yuan Yue, Altria Pu

Social science: John He, Tony Li

Music: Tony Li

Speech: Alicia Zhang

Interview: David Li


Economics: Maggie Li, Alicia Zhang

Social Science: Sabrina Wang

Art: John He, Tina Ding

Literature: Elisa Wang, Joy Lei

Speech: Flora Cheng, David Li, Tina Ding

National Overall Team award

Team 109: 9th place

Team 111: 14th place

Regional Overall Team award

Team 111: First prize

Team 112: Second prize

Team 110: Third prize

Super Quiz Team award

Team 111: 2nd place

Team 110: 8th place

Team 112: 10th place

Top Scorer by team

John He

Michelle Wang

Tina Ding

Sabrina Wang

Regional Individual Awards (see below pictures)

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