2021 Alumni Weekends – Welcome Home


Last Saturday, the Alumni Homecoming Party was held in SCIE Antuo Shan Campus. Wandering at the school surrounded by streams, bamboos and trees, the alumnus could not help to taking photos to record every corner of their new home. Sitting in the Halo Theater and watching the Old Shui Wei Campus video, which brought all graduates back to their high school life. While the class ring was on, Mr. Greenwood, the Associate Director, standing on the stage and gave his welcome speech to his former students. The old tiny Shuiwei campus was nothing before developing into a well-equipped school, he teased. Following Mr. Greenwood’s speech, Ms. Cheung, the head of university and application faculty, appreciated the school leadership team’s efforts on making this annual big event happen. Also, she was pleased to see the SCIE spirits and attitudes passing to every year group and generating into positive impact to the young generation.

Later, Autumn and Harper, the representatives of students, displayed the video of Antuo Shan Campus. All alumnus were so impressed about the students dormitory, fitness center and the high-tech teaching equipment. After lunch break, the Alumni Cup was held in the Gallant Hall. All the enthusiasm and passion had been lighted up with the climax and highlight of the games.

On Sunday, a sharing session about university learning and career exploration was led by Sophie Huang ( Class of 2015) and other alumnus. They gave their personal experiences and impressed the audience with very thoughtful and beneficial advices. It is pleased to see the connection between alumnus in different years has getting closer and closer and their return assistance to the school students has great impact on their life learning. Quoted by Mr. Greenwood’s poem below, no matter how far you go, SCIE will always be your sweet home to return.

Just as every salmon swimming

Through the ocean deep and vast

Must return to its beginning

So we wander home at last


As the pigeon bound for roaming

Flapping wings will fly away,

Has been found to start her homing

So we come back to Shui Wei


But the poets solemn duty

Is to make words rhyme and scan

So let us embrace the beauty

Of SCIE in Antuo Shan