Mission Statement

Mission Satement:

Our mission is to educate students in a challenging, international environment leading to academic achievement at the highest level; to develop social responsibility, creativity, initiative and enthusiasm providing each student with the best preparation for future opportunities.
Or to put it another way:

SCIE Means

Students in a     learn  Social Responsibility
Challenging   Creativity
International   Initiative &
Environment   Enthusiasm

Vision Statement:

To be the most successful international high school in Asia

The educational program at SCIE seeks to develop students with:

  • Outstanding academic achievement
  • International-mindedness
  • Maturity, self-reliance and adaptability
  • Increasing knowledge and confidence in their own abilities
  • Respect for cultural diversity
  • Foundations for success in higher education and beyond
  • High standards of honesty and personal integrity
  • Strong positive regard for the College, staff and students
  • Intellectual curiosity and creativity
  • Understanding of, and empathy for, other people’s points of view
  • Mastery of English to a First Language level
  • Leadership and cooperative skills
  • Motivation and passion for life-long learning
  • Analytical, problem-solving and reflective approaches to learning