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Welcome to SCIE

Campus Overview

In 2020, SCIE moved into a brand-new purpose-built Antuo Hill Campus for a larger capacity and a better environment. Compared to the previous ShuiWei Campus, the new Campus is two times larger.
The new Campus equips with cutting-edge teaching technologies, extensive supporting infrastructure, a wide range of sporting facilities, comfortable accommodations, and lush plantings covering the Campus.


Li Xiaodong Atelier designs the Antuo Hill Campus of SCIE, a well-known Chinese architect from 2015 to 2017, to allow SCIE to proceed with its success as an international school.

Observe from a distance or above that the new Campus of SCIE sits on a large platform that solidly holds academic dissemination for teachers & students and the value and dignities of education.


Li Xiaodong


On January 31st, 2018, the new Campus’s construction officially began. After two years of complex work and dedication, experiencing difficulties, including violet tropical typhoons and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the structure of the Campus was ready on the 27th of 2020. A few days later, students and staff moved into the brand-new Campus without delay, marking a great beginning of a new journey.

A view of Campus

Campus Layout

SCIE’s Campus can be separated into four different sections: Aster building, Boreas Building, Selene Apartment, and Gallant Dormitory, along with facilities like Halo Theater and Gallant Gymnasium. On the exterior, a moat lies around the Campus creating a water-surrounding environment, which in Chinese stands for the name of the previous ShuiWei Campus. Joining it is a stream that flows inside the Campus, being the home of two lovely mascot turtles.



Our students are the real users of the Campus, and we have all the elements for their personal journey of growth and development.
Neil Mobsby
Principal of SCIE
Coming to the new campus, our infrastructure improved a lot. The two-teaching-building system provides enough classrooms.
Autumn Qiu
Graduated student, Class of 2021

academic buildings

Aster building and Boreas building (known as A block and B block) are where students have their lessons and study. These two buildings consist of 85 classrooms and offices, dozens of tutorial rooms, 32 science laborites, 10 musical practice rooms, and 4 musical Classrooms. Besides, art studios, drama studios, dancing studios, and design studios are located in these two buildings. A two-floor library connects two academic buildings on the fifth and sixth floors.

The HALO theater

The Halo Theater locates on the ground floor, right between Aster building and Boreas Building. The Theater has 750-seats-capacity and is installed with high-standard lighting and audio equipment. From the control room, technicians can view the entire stage, allowing them to adjust combinations of lights precisely and accurately. The Halo Theater plays an essential role in holding special events, including assemblies, concerts, performances, and even graduation ceremonies. Recently, the Theater had a significant update to have the capability of online streaming via social media.

Sports facilities

You may find various sports facilities around the Campus. The multi-purpose Gallant Gymnasium is one of the most invested facilities on the Campus. The entire Sports Hall can transform between different layouts within minutes, providing more diverse sports events for students. The Astro Pitch for football is right above, while students also can go to gyms for the finest exercises. The final piece of the puzzle is two sets of running paths. The short straight track for sprinting is on the roof of the Boreas Building. Meanwhile, a half-kilometer-long circuit called “Skywalk” loops around the Campus, an excellent place for long-distance running.

Supporting facilites

Selene Apartment and Gallant Dormitory provide accommodation for staff and students. Currently, both building still has excess capacities for future usage. In the past, supplying meals for SCIE was always a challenging task to be done. Thus, the school decided to bring an Alumni-operating cafeteria to better understand demand as an advantage for past students. Hill Cafeteria and Ann Café provide an incredible variety of flavors.