Welcome from the Principal

Welcome from the Principal

Welcome from the Principal 2023

Welcome to SCIE in 2023, an exciting year for us, as we reach 20 years old. What an amazing vision it was back in 2003 when SCIE was created as the first school of its type in the city and to give students here in Shenzhen the chance to prepare for an overseas university experience, a chance to prepare children for an incredible future in our modern, many-faceted world.

Since those early days, the vision of SCIE has grown from a few tens of students to 2000 students and we have seen more than three thousand students graduate and progress on to great university success.

I joined SCIE in 2009 and soon after that time the school developed from its early beginnings stepping forwards to be the major success that it is today, bringing in expatriate leadership with the experience of how to educate students preparing them for the modern world as true global citizens able to thrive in an English-speaking environment.

SCIE means Students in a Challenging International Environment – our environment is indeed challenging for our students as we prepare them for some of the most famous universities around the world. The curriculum is challenging as our students learn in English each of their subjects, achieving up to the highest levels and obtaining true mastery of the language, rather than merely enough to pass a test.

A view of new Campus

Our students learn Social responsibility, Creativity, Independence and Enthusiasm. All of these are important for our students from understanding the importance of their own culture and place in society, how to take responsibility for themselves and becoming independent so that they are prepared to take up a university place in their future and to study independently. Our students develop creativity, learning how to think critically for themselves, to understand what they are learning and to apply that learning in the real world.

It is always a pleasure to see the enthusiasm our students have, not just for their study of the academic subjects but also for their outside interests. Our students also learn how to take on responsibility for participating and organizing from the many clubs in our extra-curricular activities, through to our annual events and performances. Many actively take part in our House Competition, competing for their assigned house against other students and learning leadership in our prefect and student leadership programme.

We are proud of all of our achievements and those of our students but in addition to our views, we have also completed our re-accreditation with the Council of International Schools as well as accreditation with the Western Association of School & Colleges. What this mean is that international & US accreditors have come to review our school, assess our programmes and facilities and compare them with their international and US standards and to determine that the education that our students receive meets their standards of excellence. This provides our students and their parents with the assurance of the quality of the education they receive in the preparation for their future lives in the global environment.

What we wish for all of our students – past, present and future is for them to make the most of their opportunities here at SCIE and in the future that we are preparing them for, to carry on lifelong learning and to strive to be the best.

Neil Mobsby - Principal of SCIE