SCIE is committed to creating a safe environment for students. All applicants are required to comply with our child-protection guidelines for application, including production of an ICPC (International Child Protection Certificate) or equivalent. Contact with your current, or most recent, Head of School by telephone, is a mandatory part of background checking; applicants who will not supply these details will be excluded from the application process.

The Statement of Principles on Safeguarding includes:

  • The College’s approach to handling issues of child abuse will comply with guidelines set out in UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and with international best practice
  • The College will abide by the laws of the People’s Republic of China as they relate to the issue of child abuse
  • The College is committed to creating the safest possible environment for its students
  • The well-being of the student is the paramount concern in any decision-making process
  • Students, parents and staff should feel able to speak freely and express concerns        
  • Any allegation regarding child safeguarding will be taken seriously and investigated
  • It is the responsibility of all members of staff to cooperate in creating a safe environment for students
  • Staff members should be proactive in detection and reporting suspicions of abuse, having a mandatory duty to report to one of the key safeguarding personnel
  • Safe recruitment practices will be mandatory for anyone having access to students

SCIE values the safety of all students. As a result all staff, including teachers, administration, canteen, cleaners and property management have had training in child safeguarding. 🛡️