House System

Four Houses

When new students enter SCIE, they will be assigned to one of the four following houses: Water Metal Wood and Fire.

From there, members of each House participate in various kinds of House competitions to help their House win the final Championship of the House system.

The House events is an essential part of a student’s life in SCIE apart from academic studies. Students gathered every Wednesday afternoon, striving to honor their House. Four House colors painted school life more vivid. House events promote students’ sense of belonging to the school, allowing students to encourage each other to better through an intense but friendly competition.

Sports Events

The majority of House events are Sports competitions. The House division introduced a variety of sports activities to students, including Tug of war, Frisbee, Handball, and other traditional ballgames. 

Non-sport Events

We are bringing more non-sports events to the students offering them more opportunities to participate in the House competition. Events like Esport week and MEME-creating are extremly entertaining to participate in and spectate.

Students lead events

With the establishment of the new Student Leadership Body, students took over the House system in 2020. They formed the House division, which is in charge of all the details relevant to the House system. They design and run all kinds of events while refereeing and supervising competitions.

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