House System

Upon entry to the College, all students are allocated to one of four houses: Fire (Red), Metal (Gold), Water (Blue), Wood (Green). The house system is designed to promote mixing of students between year levels with older students giving younger students the benefit of their experience, greater participation in college competitions and responsibility among students.

In G1, form classes will be composed of a mixture of students from all fours houses. Remaining form classes will be composed of students from a mixture of year levels (G2, A1 and A2) in the same house. Staff will be allocated to be affiliated to a house (including non-G1 form teachers) or to officiate (including G1 form teachers.)

Houses will compete in a variety of sporting and non-sporting activities. Inter-house activities such as Tug-of-War,Basketball etc. will take place on Wednesday afternoon. Heads of house and form teachers, who are involved in inter-house activities on Wednesdays, do not need to offer an additional ECA, but may do so if they wish.