Student Leadership

Student Leadership Body(SLB) is the official student organization of SCIE,

The goal of SLB is to let the student play a vital role in the school’s operation.

We  provides services for schools and other students.


Student Executive Leadership Team


Structure of Student leadership

Student leadership is consists of the Student Executive Leadership Team(SELT) and Divisions.

Nine divisions are operating under the SLB, each of them has its obligation and field of specialties. They are:

  • ECA 

  • House

  • Events

  • Sports

  • Residential

  • Peer Support

  • Student Council

  • Service Learning

  • Communication and Media

Divisions introductions


ECA Division


Sports Division



Service Learning division


House Division



Residential division



Student Council division


Event profil

Events Division



Peer Support division


Communication & Media division


Previous structure


Student leadership structure before year 2020

Current structure

2020 Onwards

New SLB structure