Student Leadership

ECA and Service Learning divisionSCIE Prefects is led by A2 students,  including the Student Executive Leadership Team (SELT) and ten different divisions. They aim to listen to students’ voice and provide timely care and support. Below are the brief introductions of their responsibilities. 

1. Residential and Peer Support divisions

-The residential division is devoted to listen to students’ advice and make residential students’ lives better. 

-This year PST is looking forward to facing the future with everyone. As prefects, we also had the experience of helplessness and loneliness, but being unable to consult and seek for help. PST wishes to try the best to help the fellow students and solve problems that they meek in life and academic.

Our mission is hard but worthy. Every member of PST will be trained formally, and we will become your mentor and listener, to be with you and support you when you need us. If you are interested in our team, stay tuned. A series of events and mentorship will be held.

2. House and Events divisions

-House division aims to develop the house system and help to plan weekly house events. Plus, it organizes and supervised the house competition as well as events like Camping and Sports Day.

-Events division is in charge of the school activities’ planning, preparing, advertising and holding, such as: SGT (SCIE GOT TALENT)/Halloween Night/Food Fair/New Year Concert.

3.Student Council and Finance division

-The student council division is responsible for collecting different voices from students and report to the related administrative departments.

-The finance division is in charge of the school events and ECAs’ finance, and record the water bills of these events.

4.Sports and Communication & Media divisions

-The sports section is to Plan, organize and manage all sport events; to help with the management of sport ECAs,house events and school team’s competition. In addition, it aims to supervise the use of sport facilities in campus, such as:Basketball court/Football court/Volleyball court/Gym.

-The communication and media division is in charge of the information communication both in school and external, and to make sure that the communication system is valid and reasonable, and that the information is reliable. Plus, it is responsible for the design of the posters, logos, videos and other medias and to issues related to the school or students’ figures.

5. ECA and Service Learning division

-The ECA division is to holds the ECA Fair;examine the applications for new ECAs and the finance;coordinate the cooperation and conflicts between ECAs;support the ECAs for their events and competitions.

-Service Learning division is to offer community service opportunities for students; organize fundraising and visiting activities with SCIE and external organizations;organize and plan reasonable allocation of resources to help people in need.