The A levels are originally a UK qualification and have been introduced worldwide, aimed at students aged 17 and 18 in their last two years of schooling. A levels provide a basis for selection of University entrants in UK as well as a qualification for students entering the job market.

The A level system is different from other pre-University qualifications, such as IB, in that it has no compulsory components; students are free to study whichever subjects they choose.

AS / A level Subjects
BiologyComputer science
DramaEnglish Language
English LiteratureEPQ (Extended Project Qualification) *

The A level qualification has been in existence for over 50 years and, as such, it is recognized all over the world as a rigorous qualification which can be trusted.

All A levels are split into two components: AS (comprising 50% of the A level and generally completed in the A1 year) and A2 (comprising the other 50% and generally completed in the A2 year).

Students may choose to continue with each subject for two years and gain a full A level or drop after A1 with an AS level. An AS level is a qualification in its own
right and can be an important asset when applying to Universities.