Alumni Christmas Party-Cherishing about Shuiwei & Gathering in Antuo Shan


– “I was looking at those old photos,

  And suddenly realized:

   We are all grown-ups now.”

– “We grow together.”

– “I was innocent and certain. Now I am wiser but unsure.”

 From poster memo made by Class of 2017

Sunshine shadows boulevards, willow greets chirping birds. Theme as “Shuiwe ∞ Antuo Shan”, the Alumni Christmas Party was happening in campus on Dec.11,2021. After sitting well in theatre, Jason Huang, the host of the event, show up with the song he created with Ben Guan who graduated in 2019. On behalf of the alumni who were at overseas and could not be here because of Covid-19, Jason expressed their wishes to the cohorts by playing the online video recorded with regards.

Afterwards, Mr. Neil Mobsby, the school principal welcomed everyone at present back home and appreciated the traditional bonds they had done in old Shuiwei Campus and kept it continuing to the new Antuo Shan Campus. Apart from that, he hoped more activities happening between alumni and current students in the future.

When it came to the alumni speech, Andy Chen, the first cohort graduate from SCIE, delivering his speech about how to set targets and making choices. Graduated from Imperial College and finished the doctorate degree from University of Cambridge, Andy is currently working in the industry of semiconductor. He summarized four key words for entrepreneurs and start-ups, which were: Knowledge, Practice, Cooperation and Focus.

Follow up with Andy’s speech, Adams Zhang, graduated from SCIE in 2009, sharing his experiences about three business start-ups. Adams received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics from St John’s College, University of Cambridge in 2012. As the Co-founder of Oral Care Consumer Brand “Canban”, he is closely in touch with SCIE alumni cohorts by being an investor to support the development of their innovative startup programs.

After the group photo came to the music performance, the first performer was Ben Guan who graduated in 2019. Road was the feature song in his third album released on the alumni day and he gave his first show to the cohorts. Next performance was conducted by Tom Chen, the current senior student by delivering a song with guitar named What are you doing for the rest of your life. Everyone at present was touched with the moving melody and charming voice.

The last performances were carried out by three graduates of 2011 and 2012, Sa played his guitar accompanied with Piano played by Arthur and Grace. The show were fabulous and won a lot of applause from the audience.

On the other side, the sports games of basketball and volleyball between the current students and alumni were going on in the gym. Though the competition was intense, everyone enjoyed the fun of game as friendship was always prior to competition.

As the saying goes,” Fused like a kindling flame and scattered like sprinkle stars. “ We wish all stars shining on their life path and attach the poem written by former Principal Mr. Joe Greenwood.


About their past, how much should someone know?

Who’d want to take a trip down memory lane?

What would a glance over the shoulder show?

If we could travel back there, would we go?

Take up the reins of our old life again.

What would a glance over our shoulder show?

Would we relive mistakes which helped us grow?

The same faux pas; the same off-key refrain.

About their past, how much should someone know?

Would second time around reduce the woe?

Could we replace the rails beneath the train?

What would a glance over the shoulder show?

Or would the weight of knowing bring us low?

Perhaps we must forget to keep us sane.

About their past, how much should someone know?

So, what’s the good in kicking up the snow?

If passing time has nullified the pain.

About their past, how much should someone know?

A glance over the shoulder would not show.