SCIE Ranked 2nd in 2021 China Outstanding International Schools


Recently, XINHUANET and INSIGHT jointly held the 12th XINHUANET Education Forum·International Education Sub-forum, and released “the 2021 China Top 100 International Schools Report”.

The targets of this assessment are schools that can provide international education models for their students.

Including private international schools which set international courses in mainland for students to study in overseas universities, international classes in public high schools, and international education groups that provide support to schools.

In the “2021 China Top 100 International Schools Report”, one of the most important evaluation criteria is the enrollment to universities. From its 50% proportion, it can directly reflect the school’s ability to train outstanding graduates.

Secondly, the comprehensive strength of the school is also taken into consideration, including the following 7 indicators:Enrollment to Universities, Faculty,Quality of Students, Teaching Management,Campus Management,Public Opinions and Expert Opinions.

Among the 100 international schools on the list, Shenzhen College of International Education ranked second.

Since SCIE’s establishment in 2003, a total of 236 graduates have been admitted to Oxford and Cambridge University. The acceptance rates of Top 10 universities in the UK and Top 50 universities in the US are as high as 96% and 86% separately!

The following is a complete list of the China Top 100 International  Schools: