2021 SCIE Fashion Show

What is the combination of global pandemic, quarantine, euphoria, and…FASHION.

On the January 18th, the first Fashion Show of the new campus came to a successful conclusion in the New Year of 2021.

As the Sun went down, the outdoor basketball court became more and more crowded, a visual feast is about to begin.

At 7 p.m, with the appearance of the host, the 2021 fashion show finally began. Four talented dancers from Sparkling warmed up the stage, along with the song <Intermission> performed by Miriam. Every audience was excited and couldn’t wait to see the show.

As the music began, The models of the first theme—“Euphoria” appeared in turn. At the backstage, groups of models and designers prepared, with the help of staff. Models dressed in fancy outfits and high heels, waiting for their own moments.

After the first appearance, designers walked towards the front of the runway together with their models to introduce their inspiration and design concept to the judges (Clara, Tracy, Jie) and the audience, and designers also received comments from judges.

After the show of three groups of models and designers, the theme of “Euphoria” ended up. During the lottery drawing, winners went up to the stage to receive their prizes in turn.

Then, with the second group of hosts Sabrina and Jason, the second part of the show on the theme “Mask Blue” began. Esther brought a song called <Blue> to the audience, and then models appeared respectively. Different from the style of the previous theme “Euphoria”, most of the design work of “Mask Blue” adopted blue and white as the main colors。

After five groups of models finished their show, the stage was handed over to the Sophia. The amazing song ended up this year’s fashion show.

Finally, it came to the awarding ceremony. The judges presented the trophies to the all winners.

2021 Fashion Show
  • 1st Place of Euphoria          Hilda & Alice
  • 1st Place of Mask Blue        Ella & Molly    Sabrina & Sophia
  • Best Models        Esther & Oscar

At 9 p.m, the 2021 fashion show officially ended in gorgeous lights. Here, we would like to thank Elaine, the president of Fashion Show, and her SCIE Fashion Show team. We also would like to thank all the teachers for their support, all the models and designers for their work, and all the audience for coming to watch the Show.

In 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 seriously affected people’s live, so SCIE Fashion Show has decided to integrate Fashion with the theme of the current era. We firmly believe that although we live under the epidemic, the seeds of art and inspiration will germinate, and bloom more brilliantly in the bright future…