2022 CAIE Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards


Cambridge International Exam Results are the important factors for A Level students to apply for the universities. Thereforethe international exams held by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) are the most authoritative exams set for students in the global IGCSE and A Level system, which directly reflect the students’ academic competitiveness and the quality of the education the school provides.

The Cambridge Assessment of International Education gives awards of Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards to students each year based on the results of international exams that year to better encourage and recognize students who achieved the outstanding results in Cambridge exams. Since the Cambridge International Award in 2008, the achievements SCIE gained has continually made its name above others in the same trade in China.

According to CAIE , there are 51 SCIE students in total won the awards in 2022 Cambridge International Exams series, 13 of them won the Top of the World, 28 of them won the Top of China, and 9 of them won the High Achievement. The student, Guanyi Wang, has achieved the best across three.

In 2022, SCIE’s total number of awards is much higher than other schools of the same type in China. Since the Cambridge International Awards in 2008, SCIE has been ranked first among similar schools in China for 15 consecutive years. In 15 years, SCIE students have achieved 130 Top of World and 217 Top of China for single and total subjects scores.

Congratulations to all students!