A Week of Inspiring Charity in SCIE


“Just finished drama rehearsal…” It was not until half past ten at night that my roommate pushed open the door. Clusters of cool wind seeped from the balcony, smoothing the milky mist that had been rarely seen over the weeks. Upbeat trembles before the inspiring gala were hidden in the mild darkness.

“Is it for Charity Week?” I asked. A bit tired but wittily, she answered, “It’s the Art Extravaganza!”

At 7 pm on March 30th, waves of enthusiasm gathered in the Halo Theater. The beams of light were wantonly splashed onto the stage as dozen pieces of works of Fauvism, immersing the audience with transcending time and space. The Three Sisters’ longing and suffering got me heart-wrenching, while Raoul and Christine moved me with their faithful vows of love. With the sentimental dialogues and sonorous renditions, the drama people on and off stage brewed jugs of mellow wine, drawing my heart to consistently beat for the carnival.

Nevertheless, the drama performance was not the sole feast in Charity Week. The Charity Music Concert and the Youthful Talk were also well welcomed. You could let the melodious symphony flow through your bodies, let the speakers’ insights pulse in your minds and let them wipe away your and your friends’ tiredness of the whole day. 

Meanwhile, the Chanting Journey outside the theatre attracted many of us to stop and appreciate its dazzling exhibits: the works of calligraphy and painting, the elegant designs of ethnic costumes, the vivid accessories created with indigo dying, the fancy pop lyrics, and last but not least, the friendship bracelet sales launched by Sponsor a Girl’s Education ECA. All of them were blows of breeze from all over the world, caressing the wind chimes deep in our hearts to ring.

At first the big question was how we could make such a good event in which the whole school could get excited and get involved. The days passed and many ideas came to our heads and the best one appeared, the idea of selling friendship bracelets. Making these bracelets was not an easy task. We only had two weeks to make bracelets, but working together we managed to make all the bracelets and when we started selling them and seeing all those students getting involved and supporting this event, it really filled up our hearts. We are all very pleased by this event and since we managed to raise more than we expected. Such a thing will make very happy these girls who really want to have a good education.


We could also measure the enormous realms of possibility by our pace of charity. Either being comforted by the profound culture of Henna, whose divine birds reflected the mysterious Indian glitter with their red-brown wings, or carving the trace of time in the exquisite time capsule or exciting On The Move walkathon, could be the seamless annotation of our kindness that was influential enough to be the sparkling stars in the sky.

Even before the start of Charity Week, the leg waxing ceremony between Heads of Year had bombarded social media among SCIE students. On the morning of March 31st, the cheers hovered over the volleyball court as the Dolby panoramic sound effects, with mobile phones and cameras held high focusing on Mr. Roche, Head of G1 and Mr. Bracewell, Head of G2. Eventually, it turned out that Mr. Bracewell, who won more votes, was sacredly waxed, witnessed by thousands of people. What has impressed us was not merely his bitter-sweet facial expressions and the “trick” of the two HOYs calling on students to vote for each other, but also their sincere, intense and pure sentiments toward charity.

Perfectly synchronized, the conventional event of Charity Week- 24H Basketball – was held in full swing. From 5 pm on the 30th to 5 pm on the 31st, dozens of basketballs hopped and galloped with the players in the Sports Hall. Whether missing a rare opportunity after numerous attempts, or leaping from rounds of barriers and successfully scoring, the strength bursting from their flexing muscles, the zeal rubbed from the friction between their sneakers and the courts, the uninhibited stubbornness arose from the conflicts and collisions, the warmth expanded from the high-fives after scoring were all frames of lively scenes that would be eternally engraved in youth.

The 24 Hour Basketball Challenge has left an indelible mark on my SCIE life, carrying memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. On April 2nd, 2021, Mr. Luke and Mr. Ross showed us what it truly means to live a crazy and fulfilling youth, reminding us of the values that define our school life. After a long and difficult period of depression caused by Covid, on March 31st, 2023, we were finally able to rediscover these values and embrace them once again. For 24 hours straight, we experienced the essence of true youth - fearless passion, a competitive mindset, and pure and flawless friendship. This basketball challenge is not only a rite of passage for freshmen, but also a platform for graduating students to bid their final farewell to SCIE. It serves as a testament to the fact that our beautiful campus is not merely a factory for G5s and Top30s, but a "Fountain of Youth" for all SCIEers.

Aaron Liu

Before the match, I was puzzled why a basketball game would ever last for 24 hours, and why some charity events would ever last for an entire week. Not until seeing the talents performing on stage, the athletes vigorously endeavoring, the volunteers conscientiously working, and the photographers capturing every moment with my own eyes, and I myself also tried to become one of them did I realize the answer: fundraising 23400 yuan is not the destination; we are all dedicating ourselves tirelessly to perceiving, enriching, and loving the world.

Nights fell, and drizzles cleansed the dust. Overall, this week was magnificent, with the shining hopes of spring carried on our shoulders.