British Sociological Association (BSA) Students Competition

British Sociological Association (BSA) is the largest organisations for sociology in UK. One of its aims is to promote sociology as a subject of study for high-schoolers. The BSA Teaching Group’s National A Level Competition invites essays and short videos from sociology students from AS level to AL level to enter. This year’s question “Using a range of sociological arguments, to what extent does society have a responsibility towards those who are vulnerable?” The aim of this question is to link it to the modules you have studied or are about to study. To enter all you need to do is submit a 2,000-word written piece or a 10-minute podcast or video clip.

This year, Rindy and Walton won the second place and the third place, as well as the special mention, for BSA competition.

For their speech, please click the link below.

Rindy’s Speech


Walton’s Speech



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