Business Practice Club

BPC is one of the largest student-led business organizations in Shenzhen, with a history of 12 years. As the first student organization in South China to hold business competitions independently, BPC has successfully held 11 business practice competitions since 2011. With the opportunity to run a real business, BPC has attracted participants from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan, and other cities to join the competitions, with more than 15,000 participants in total. Members from BPC have also gained experiences to improve their leadership skills, business senses, and teamwork, which have helped them succeed in going to highly prestigious universities and companies.

ECA introduction

Members of BPC organize the Business Practice Competition each year, which involves various tasks ranging from designing the competition rules to negotiating with sponsors and partners. At BPC’s business competitions, participants will solve a problem in real life by generating a business idea as entrepreneurs. The winning group selected in the final will receive BPC’s investment as the initial capital for their business, projecting the vision from their business proposal into the real-world marketplace. Apart from that, BPC has also initiated the rose selling at SCIE Halloween Night, organized academic lectures, and provided visiting tours to businesses like Tencent and HSBC.