10th October 2019 was the World Mental Health Day. To raise awareness of mental health on campus of SCIE, a gratitude board was put up all day for the students and staff to put anonymous post-it notes to say what they were grated for, and the library prepared some books dealing with mental health, also Red Cross ECA group held an event titled with ‘You Matter’ in the Garden Room.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, the activity officially began. The garden room was decorated beautifully with colorful balloons and ribbons, and soothing music was floating in the air. Six booths were set up each representing one unique topic, which were ‘Tree Hole’, Positive Energy, Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders and Sleeping Problems. Many students from different year levels and many teachers walked into the garden room and participated in these novel activities.

The activity attracted most students and teachers were the ‘Tree Hole’. The on-spot part of it in the garden room was an extension of a previous online anonymous activity started two weeks before. The idea was initiated by Yoyo, and was optimized by Grayson, Eleanor, Leo and many other Red Cross members. ‘Tree hole’ was a metaphor of a trustworthy listener whom some students might need when they have something to say but do not want the listener to judge them and prefer to be anonymous; But at the same time they are sort of curious about what the nonjudgmental listener i.e. ‘Tree Hole’ would respond as long as it wouldn’t impact their anonymity. So SCIE Red Cross members used their ICT skills combined with a meticulously designed on-spot activity to realize the above-mentioned ‘single-blind’ type of interaction.

The Tree Hole Box was put on the table by the gate holding many cards. These cards in the Tree Hole Box bore the printed-out words of what an anonymous person contributed online on one side (back side). On the table there were 100 Ferryman brooches. A student can take out a card from the Tree Hole Box, read the words on the back side of it and respond by writing down some understanding, caring or encouraging words on the front side of it, then stick it on the ‘You Matter’ board with the front side outwards. This front side also bore a previously printed-out number which could be recognized ONLY by the person who contributed it before online. The person who responded and provided caring words on-spot can collect a little prize which is a Ferrymen brooch. The Ferryman brooch was inspired by Claire Mcfall’s book ‘Ferryman’. The Red Cross ECA members think in the book how Dylan deals with everything that is thrown her way and how a person as cold and detached as Tristan is softened are very thought-provoking and correspondent with what they want the participants of the event of Mental Health Day to feel.

Next to the ‘Tree Hole’ box was the positive energy box. Students were encouraged to write down inspiring words and then put it into the box. After the student put in one note in the box, he/she can take out a note out of the box. So the idea is others inspire you and you inspire others. The Red Cross ECA students think the positive feelings are infectious and can be amplified through sharing.

The other four booths featured four common mental health issues which are depression, eating disorders, anxiety and sleeping problems. The booth of depression introduced some myths and facts of depression using posters, cards and a short act.  The audience were asked to identify which actor was the one suffering from depression. And the ones who guessed it right got small prizes of delicious candies.

The students holding a plate of fruits on the other side were talking about healthy diet and eating disorders. They talked to students on the classification and management of eating disorders using a very interesting hand-drawn poster. There were also cards about ‘healthy losing weight’ placed on the table which attracted many students.

The sleeping problem group devised a Kahoot questionnaire with interesting questions such as ‘How many years do people spend sleeping in their lifetime?’ on it. They also put cards of various bedtime behaviors on the tables, such as ‘Watch Bilibili before bed’ and asked students to find out which could help sleep and which could hinder sleep. Those who got it right could also get a small prize.



The most unique feature of the anxiety group was that the table was covered with small sand paintings. Students were invited to create freely to express and relieve their anxiety through the process.

As this was the first ever SCIE Mental Health Day event, it gained the attention and support of the whole school. Many teachers and students stepped into the room decorated with balloons and dolls, listened to the detailed explanation of the organizers, participated in the funny and interesting activities, and felt the warm atmosphere.

Some students said they learned a lot of psychological knowledge in this activity, and had a sense of fulfillment after they expressed their care and understanding to the feelings ‘hidden’ in the ‘Tree Hole’. Some students said they were inspired by the cards drawn from the positive energy box and the teacher’s participation made everyone at ease, so they felt like being surrounded by a big family. And most importantly this event has made a lot of students realize that they are not alone, and nobody should be left behind helplessly, and it is totally ok to express our feelings and talk about the possible problems with the person they trust most and in the way they feel most comfortable.

This activity has not only spread psychological knowledge, but also spread warmth, goodwill, understanding, and mutual respect among each other.

General sponsor and director: Yoyo

Executive producer: Grayson Alya

Propaganda conductor: Grace Alya

questionnaire designer: Leo Li



Members:Alina Cloris Grace Jessica Leo Li Rachel

Previous preparations:

Poster design:Cloris Grace Jessica Rachel

Activity Planning&Script design:Alina

Popular science cards:Leo Li

Decoration of the venue: Alina Cloris Grace Jessica Leo Li Rachel

10.10 Activity:

Popularization of science & Activity: Alina Cloris Grace Jessica Rachel

  • Eating disorder:

Members: Christina Ellen Enigma Jaya Leo Sherry

Previous preparations:

Poster design: Christina Ellen Leo Wu

Activity planning: Christina Ellen

Preparation for props: Christina Ellen Jaya Leo Wu Sherry

Decoration of the venue: Christina Ellen Enigma

10.10 Popularization of science & Activity: Christina Ellen Enigma Jaya Leo Wu Sherry

  • Sleeping problem:

Members: Anthea Ivy Jason Miles

Previous preparations:

Poster design: Anthea Ivy

Activity planning: Ivy Jason

Questionnaire design: Jason

Preparation for props: Jason Miles

Decoration of the venue: Ivy Jason

10.10 Activity

Popularization of science & Activity: Ivy Jason Miles

  • Anxiety:


Members :Dylan Fion Jonathan

Previous preparations:

Poster design: Dylan Jonathan

Activity planning: Fion

Preparation for props: Dylan Fion Jonathan

Decoration of the venue: Dylan Jonathan

10.10 Activity

Popularization of science&Activity: Dylan Fion Jonathan


Music::Andy Jaya

Positive energy box: Grayson Swan Dr. Sharon

Negative energy box: Eleanor Leo Li yoyo

Photographers: Anthea John Leo Wang

Special thanks to: Grayson/ Yoyo/ Dr.Sharon /Nu.Vivian

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