Frisk: Rough Road for Application



Class of 2022, Imperial Collegen London

The experience in SCIE contains many memories and illusions. Time past so fast that I could not react I actually graduated from this place. I will tell my story and hope it can help you a little in your application.

I completely had not any preparation in the summer vacation. This was a magnificent mistake which causes misleading during my application. Due to the lack of realization, I have to submit my personal statement and choice of schools hastily. Thus, I suggest every A1 student should has roughly realization about your specialities and universities no matter you got your score or not. Furthermore, Trying write your PS in summer vacation, your time will be not enough during the application.

For me, I didn’t search information of university. This causes I didn’t apply for Oxford and the misleading of my admission exam. The wrong choice or useless choice in your application can be completely a burden. For example, if you are a student who get four A* in your AS exams. What you need to think can be “Preparing for the ‘OxBridge’ entry exam” or “the selection of G5 schools”. Remember, be confident in your application if you get high score in your AS exam, choosing too low school to guarantee your application can be meaningless.

At the end, I want to give a little suggestion in your PS if you prepare to apply for mathematics. Trying to write the knowledge point which you completely manage it. What the admission officer wants to see is your enthusiasm towards this subject. Your exploration, your thinking, your application can be meaningful in your offer. Listing the formula of recondite knowledge point will be useless. (If you manage the knowledge quite well, please ignore this.)

Here is all my experience and conclusion. I will feel quite honored if this can help you a little.