G1 Camping Review |Take a Touch of Autumn, Find a Sense of Brilliance


When the blazing of summer has just elapsed , there were senses of coolness mixing in the air. Everything was quiet and peaceful , including the indigo sky , the breeze , and the scent of cereals. It has been a long time for us to feel the nature.

On 3rd and 4th November 2022 , all of the G1 teachers and students went to the Avignon Eco Park in Huizhou , to embrace the chance of camping in the autumn rain .

It was nearly noon when we arrived at the campsite. After the exciting Warcrying activity , students in Fire house and Metal house were going to have their DIY cooking first. It was a really tough work to prepare meals for so many people in one and a half hour,but everything was perfectly done by our diligent students. Our spirit was totally inspired by the unexpectly delicous food such as the spicy pork and the meatball soup. In the evening cooking activity , students in Wood and Water did as well as them. With the valuable experiences , such as the image of blazing flames , the screaming and laughing , we were deeply touched.

After a short break , every form groups went to the teambuilding sites with fully vigour. Speed , power, and teamwork were entirely expressed in the various activities. We planned intently in the Tug of War , cheering with others when playing the Angry Birds , or pay extremely large effort during the Caterpillar Relay , and playing with the Yoga Balls delicately. Flags were rising in the wind , and time elapsed to the dawn.

The sky was pured as a canvas painted by ink . Light illuminated the stage,  while a song of Blues announced the begin of the KTV performance.It was an amazing picture which contains the gentle singers , the energetic dancers , and the audience who hold the cameras and the glowsticks.

When the moon was hanging on the sky , we came back into our small tents , and ending this exhausting trip for the first day. It was a pleasure to fall asleep while hearing the sound of raindrops and breeze.The air was fragant with the scents of forests.

“ The real warm beauty of the world , is combining with the land , and lurking in deep valleys.”—-by Qiuyu Yu

At six o’clock , the twittering of birds and the fresh air woke us up. It was time for the Scavenger Hunt , and our mission was taking pictures at specific places which were set by the prefects. We touched the warmth of life , hearing the heartbeats of grand land , and discovering the childishness that hided in the deepest place in our hearts. Sometimes it can be fun to watch the interesting animals with form tutors.

As SCIErs , we cherish the nature and the unique innocence.

The morning elapsed during the process of making rice cakes and having lunch . The most exciting oart come— The champion house award in 2022 camping. Eventually , the champion belonged to Metal House. The teddy bear , which is the symbol of honor , was putting on the Metal shirt. The campite was filled with clapping , cheering and laughters.

“ Let’s take a photo together before we leave , shall we ?” appealing by the form tutors.

Our bright smiles and this two-day camping were finally combined as the memory of this autumn.