Global Perspectives Coursework in a Presentation at G1 Assembly


Before Christmas, Aimee Xia, Louise Liu, and me delivered our coursework in a presentation at the G1 assembly.

During the assembly, we were discussing the topic to raise awareness for HIV/AIDs for our Global Perspectives coursework. We want to do this topic because many students in our school received limited knowledge about the topic. Only a small proportion of students who learned biology are taught about the transmission, symptoms, and effects of HIV. However, we believe that this is not enough knowledge and people to know about this serious disease that causes many serious issues. Hence, we would like to engage more people about the topic and how people can protect themselves from the infection.

Moreover, we also see problems in our school where there are misconceptions about this disease. Some might believe that even a single physical contact with the infected people would cause the infection themselves. Although people need to be aware of protecting themselves from HIV. This is not the best way as these people who have HIV or AIDs would be discriminated against. Thus, this is another reason why we want to raise awareness because we want equality between not just the obvious race or gender but also from these concerns.

This was a great experience and an opportunity for us to let more people understand the issue of HIV. We did various works in Global Perspectives which would present a better idea for students about not just the most simplistic information of our discussion but have a deeper and broader understanding. Thus, we conducted some primary research through questionnaires that we posted on social media.

Then, we also posted videos and posters that could be seen around the school. Lastly, to finish our project we did the presentation during the G1 assembly which gave students in G1 about our topic and the subject of Global Perspectives. During the assembly, we also gave out our booklet which contained a questionnaire to finalize our project with a short evaluation and it contained abundant information about HIV.

The experience presentation was a great opportunity for me to gain communication skills and presentation skills as I had to discuss with the Head of Year and would to have the confidence to present in front of over 500 students. I am, in the end, delighted to present our work in the G1 assembly.