Living in Shenzhen

Having celebrated its 40 year Special Economic Zone status in 2020, Shenzhen is one of the most modern cities in the world. It is a well-planned city with large areas of green space and many cycle paths. Compared to most big cities in China, Shenzhen enjoys clean air with easy access to nature.

Shenzhen is a cosmopolitan city that often pleasantly surprises expats. In addition to how green it is, the city offers many cultural attractions and outdoor pursuits. International brands, such as Starbucks, Uniqlo and Sam’s Club, are found throughout the many shopping malls and areas.

SCIE has very diversified staff: single, married, married teaching couples and families and they come from all corners of the world. Staff have a wide range of interests and Shenzhen can entertain all of them. For many, the experience of living in Shenzhen far outweighs initial expectations.

Cost of Living in Shenzhen

  • Underground Ticket: ¥2.00 (minimum fare)
  • Taxi: ¥10.00(first 2km) / ¥2.60 (per additional km)


  • Chinese restaurant: ¥40.00
  • Chinese banquet-style: ¥142.00
  • Western restaurant: ¥150.00


  • Milk (780ml) : ¥27.99
  • Eggs (10): ¥18.90
  • Chicken breast (500g): ¥18.60
  • Tomatoes (500g): ¥3.50
  • Still water(1.5l): ¥3.50
  • Lettuce (500g): ¥5.99
  • Apples (500g): ¥9.00
  • Oranges (500g): ¥14.90
  • Rice (500g): ¥9.90
  • Potatoes (500g): ¥3.99