At SCIE, we recognize that many of our students have entered the college having studied in the rigorous Chinese Mathematical system. In G2 therefore, we teach the first year of the A Level Mathematics programme, a year earlier than would be usual. We acknowledge that Mathematics is much more than getting the right answer and therefore our classes are designed to inspire students’ mathematical thinking and ability. Students are guided to develop comprehension of the problem, analysis, and synthesis of information, planning, and execution by considering novel approaches and evaluate the solutions obtained to develop logical reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Computer Science aims to provide a general understanding and perspective of the development of computer technology and systems, which will inform their decisions and support their participation in an increasingly technologically dependent society. Provide the necessary skills and knowledge to seek employment in areas that use computer science develop their knowledge and understanding of computer science through entry to higher education, where this qualification will provide a useful foundation for further study of computer science or more specialist aspects of computer science.