Read economics with economists from A2 Oxbridge class


As an increasing number of students start showing interest for Economics in and outside classrooms, asking for recommended reading beyond the syllabus, coming to discuss their extended reading with teachers, we feel it’s time to set up the Economist Reading Club. Great thanks to the support from Jack Li and other senior students from A2 Economics Oxbridge class.

Our first reading is from the Cambridge Economics preliminary reading list and is also highly recommended by our A2 high achievers who have finished reading the book—Economics Rules by Dani Rodrik. 

The book is not a long reading which makes an easy start for the members of our Economist Reading Club. Each member was assigned a different chapter to read and was asked to present their thoughts and doubts about the relevant chapter. Students had shared their opinions passionately over their reading in the following weeks, discussing enthusiastically about applying economic models to their daily lives.

Inspired by Jack Li, who has proposed a model for the daily usage of student lift in SCIE teaching building B, over which members had heated discussion, members started thinking about the possibility of creating their own models for different scenarios in their own life. At last, member students produce posters for each chapter to share with any students or parents who might be interested in the book.

Chapter 1 & 2


Topic:Modelling student elevator policy in SCIE

Chapter 3


Topic:Verification of models

Chapter 4


Topic:Analysis of Regan reform

Chapter 5


Topic:Efficient-Markets Hypothesis

Chapter 6


Topic:The rights and wrongs of the dismal science

Stay tuned for more book reviews in the future~