SCIE 2022 Christmas Night|A Carnival for Winter


We are used to being in a hurry in the campus for days and nights. One day when I walked to the large steps, I caught a glimpse of the green and straight Christmas tree has stood on the ground accidentally. The railings were wrapped by ribbons, pine leaves dotted with beautiful ornaments . It was surprised,honestly,that time flies by, and now it has reached December , as the last month of this year.

It was the first time that I felt the enthusiasm for Christmas when I received an email from the school . It simply illustrated the arrangement of Christmas activities, but I have already imagined the scene of Christmas seen in Western movies. It is terrific to get a chance to relax before the EOS exam. The scents of hot chocolate comforted the freezing weather in winter. Bright lights were shining, red wine made winter night tipsy . Melodious song lingering, mixing with the sound of bells.

On Wednesday afternoon, four Christmas trees were standing in front of the cafe. It feels like a scenary that snows as sea salt falling in the air, slowly covering the dark green trees, icing a matcha cake . Students from the four Houses were already in place around the tree,working busy among the various ornaments.

The path in front of the cafe was spreading bursts of attractive scents . Hot chocolate, apples and cassia interwovened in the evening breeze.

There was a small corner, with red and white stripes cover . Besides a brilliantly decorated pine tree, there was a warm-light sculpture in the shape of a deer , with the red and green “Merry Christmas” hanging from the wall. There is a bag of sugar, some chairs and two teachers dressed up as Santa Claus, and they left the warmest light for this winter.

At half past five, the sky was somewhat dark. The door of the theater was open, and performers were facing the excited audiences. The students’ performances were vivid and enthusiastic. The symphony was elegant , feeling like spreading a faint smell of the cedar. Solo melodious songs illuminated this night. The band’s performance raised the temperature of the cafe , and the two Santa chorus made a fire for the atmosphere of tonight.

Teachers and students wandered around . Most of them were wearing lovely headdresses or Christmas hats, as if they were the herald of Santa, conveying the unique romance of December.

Glazing on the four Christmas trees again , which initially had nothing but the green leaves, and now they were almost dressed up entirely. Wood’s tree was surrounded by colorful lights, lively wrapped with light green balloons . Water’s pine tree shone out with blue light, and cotton played the role of white snow, decorating the tree and adding a sense of quiet beauty. Metal’s tree was childlike and sweet , which was filled with yellow candy decorations and elements of tidy bears. The Fire house put a Christmas hat to the top of the tree, and the fiery-red color collided with the inky night.

The evening wind was blowing gently , the short carnival finally came to the end , but the sweet memory was kept in everyone’s heart .

Wish you a merry Christmas !