SCIE will Hold Online Entrance Test


Dear students and parents,

Hope you are well! As the coronavious continues to spread in some cities, making plan for large-scale offline exams is nearly impossible in recent days. So, the second round of SCIE entrance examination will be conducted online to safeguard the health of the students, parents, and everyone involved in this event. The expected date of the written test would be May 29th, and the specific test time will be announced on the candidate card 5 days before the written test.

All the candidates should stay at home and use your computer, mobile phone and internet to take the test and do the invigilation.

Once we published the written test results, students who have achieved a minimum score on the written tests will be given an online interview. The online interview will be conducted on June 4th(Saturday).

The admissions office will issue detailed test guidance later, please pay attention to the official account notice.

The deadline for registration is 15:00, May 20th. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. And sorry for any inconvenience.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

❖ Network bandwidth no lower than 20Mbps; Backup network options recommended, such as 4G/5G data.

❖ One laptop or PC for online exams, with built-in or external camera. The computer operating system must be Windows 7 or Windows10.

❖ It is recommended to use a headset or a traditional earphone with a cable. Ensure that the voice input and output are functioning properly. Bluetooth earphones are not supported.

❖ A mobile phone for invigilation.

❖ Phone holder or iPad holder. Place a mobile phone or iPad in a fixed position so that it can be adjusted to an appropriate position and height according to the requirements of the monitoring angle.

Admissions Office

Shenzhen College of International Education

May 6th, 2022