Sports Day | Blooming Late Autumn and the Best of Youth


Dreams will come to earth and settle into the frost of the morning. The trophy MEDALS shone and were held aloft above the stadium.

Here has the most vivid colors in late autumn, wanton smear youth, surging crowd or hustle, laugh aloud.

Here are our most wanton laughter tears, dream songs resounding, rushed to the unreachable clouds, continuous.

Is November 29th track, bunkers, grass; It’s the day and night practice before that and the jubilation after that.

It’s you and me.

It’s the best of our youth.

In Front of Stage

It’s late autumn, and fatigue is inevitable. At seven o ‘clock in the morning, the cold wind with a chill wake all the people who did not wear enough clothes surprisingly, but also let people finally narrow their necks and wake up, aware of the arrival of sports day.

The slow but orderly movement into the stadium, once settled, did not have to look around – the college flag flying in front of each area was obviously dazzling, and the flower balls and wristbands distributed afterwards were icing on the cake. After much preparation, with the end of the opening speech, the sports day officially began.

You will never miss too much fun in the stands or on the sidelines. The loud proposal from the house leader made the whole house shout in unison, and then the sound swallowed – like a mountain full of leaves upturning, only to see a little silver splash; Some people suddenly turned down the stand and leaned against the railing, and the lead singer sang “Thunder”, igniting the audience;   There are cute inflatable dolls, Christmas trees and small dinosaurs, big-eyed frogs and golden lion dances roaming in the playground; It is the flapping skirts of cheerleaders and the flash of flowers in their hands;   It is also the outline of the brush on the cheek in the corner of the stand, carefully tracing the representative objects of each house; it’s even getting up after sitting on the floor, white shoes and pants dyed matcha green accompanied by an exclamation of annoyance; It can also be a bold creative cosplayer jumping up high, bringing the feature film shooting and visual impact.

We do not know who brought the bubble machine, and instantly released the colorful phantom, covering the dazzling sun, and recording the joy and smile at the moment in a burst of exclaiming – and then some moment in the future you see the bright sun again, and see the bubbles under the sun.

So a tail fish of the long river of memory will swim quietly and pass by you: bubbles turn into pearls in the sun, feelings shine in the long river, countless streams converge into a warm ocean.

On the Field 

Many games are going on at the same time, so there has to be a sweet worry: is it to see the sprint that whistles by but is very entertaining, or to see the solid ball that streets across the sky to show its power?  Is it the long jump that flies lightly above the sand pit, or the long run that tests endurance and limits?

No one has the right answers. So we may had to shuttle through the stadium, seeing tight legs and simple, powerful arms beside the brown and red plastic track, the trembling of arm muscles when throwing on the grass, and the free stretch of each leap forward beside the dusty sandpit.

Is there laughter? Cheer in the running, hold your breath at the moment of crossing the line, cheer after crossing the line – unstoppable blood and the determination and persistence to keep moving forward, and finally create a miracle and victory. Are there any tears? The careless fall, the handover of the moment of failure, the last moment by the chagrin…… But need to remember that tears is the composition of the gift, the interweaving of adversity is inevitable, suffering and growth together.  So – let the tears fall, the day is lovely, but the night is still bright.

Behind the Scenes

The colorful tent is a beautiful scenery, and under the tent is a reliable guarantee for countless people to pile up together. You can get the fastest and most reliable medical treatment when you are injured, and you can hear the announcement of honor on time. There was the conscientiousness that came from the starting gun, and the countless shutters that quietly clicked before the podium. Volunteers in red vests stand in every needed place, building a grand dream called Sports Day with everyone.

The final moment of the cup is indeed exciting, but what makes people stop is that it contains tribulations and republican warmth. Perhaps you have no intention of participating, but you are encouraged to sign up; Maybe you are not good at the chosen project, but you are trying your best to participate in the house. Maybe you thought you were an island, but you found that together you built the strongest land in the world – in the end, you can win the championship, to rely on each other’s brilliant, in this late autumn bloom.

You Never Walk Alone

We go to and cherish every scene, the baked grass is slightly hot, the birds are singing in our ears and the noise of the crowd, the high clouds are swaying, and you turn your head and see familiar faces.

Who are you with on this Sports Day? You may stand next to the track Shouting, perhaps fighting side by side is a teammate, perhaps the same competition is an opponent, or perhaps along the way, is forever friends.

Who are you with on this Sports Day? You may not have known each other before, but this time it is a coincidence like finding a friend; You may have been close to each other, but this time you shake hands and make up. You may also be in the present tense, letting the friendship dance lightly and intertwine with the sky.

Happens to meet, the arrival of emotion is doomed. The unspeakable happiness and excitement have turned into a permanent memory of this day’s games, and every time when you feel lost, you take it out and smack it repeatedly, and it will rekindle the war and return to this late autumn in full bloom.

The one theme that can never be separated from the arena is friendship, and we both sincerely hope that these friendships will last forever, you and I will never walk alone.


A dream will come to the earth on a night when even the stars are tired.

It stepped through the field of life filled with youth, along the way sprinkled with wildflowers called memories, leaving footprints slightly shiny, in the future every dark silent night shining.

It’s every bat we took on November 29, every step we took, every ball we threw with all our might;  It’s the raucous cheering from the stands and the warmth and charm from the sidelines.

It’s you and me.

It’s the best of our youth.