Girls Volleyball

Our varsity teams and its members stepped up to each challenge we faced in previous tournaments, showing the sportsmanship and SCIE’s spirit of being supportive to each other. We were fortunate to be the champion of SISAC tournaments in the year of 2018-19; first and second places of ISL tournaments preciously and first and third places of ISL tournaments in last season.

Currently, all seniors and new members are re-separated into three varsity teams, one team for SISAC and two teams for ISL. We are all preparing for and looking forward to the next season of volleyball, spreading out our enthusiasm and enjoy the way to improve.

Team introduction

In the Boys Basketball team of SCIE, there is a tier system. Team A is the leading championship contender in those leagues. At the same time, Team B serves as a reserve team where less competitive players still have the opportunities to attend competitions and learn valuable experiences.