SCIE Medalists|2022 S. -T. Yau High School Science Award


The 2022 S. -T. Yau High School Science Award came to an end on the evening of December 11. The five students from SCIE won two Gold Awards, one Bronze Award and two Honorable Mentions, as well as the Grand Prize

Hongzhou Wu won the Grand Prize and Gold Award (Mathematics)
♦ Liu Clement Man Yiu won the Gold Award (Economic and Financial Modelling)
♦ Jingcheng Yang won the Bronze Award (Computer Science)
♦ Zeyuan Sun won the Honorable Mention (Computer Science)
♦ Hao Wen won the Honorable Mention (Economic and Financial Modelling))

In the 15 years since the establishment of the S. -T. Yau High School Science Award, this is the first time that contestants from the same school have won two gold awards in a single subject. In his concluding speech, Mr. Qiu Chengtong not only praised SCIE, but also highly affirmed our student, Wu Hongzhou, the winner of the Grand Prize.