2023 SCIE Fashion Show


At 18:30 in the evening of February 16th, SCIE 2023 Fashion show kicked off with the double themes of “Ecstasy of gold” and “Deconstruction”.

“Ecstasy of Gold” symbolizes the extravagant and luxurious lifestyles. It is an addictive kind of lifestyle. It traces us back to the time of Great Gatsby. This is when America economy was developing rapidly, and the hedonism was prevalent. The Art Deco movement emerged during this period, advocating for the use of decoration to functional objects. Designers are encouraged to express their own thoughts and deliver them by their designs of fashion clothing.

“Deconstruction” is a deliberate attempt to make clothes imperfect or rough, it is a statement of anti-fashion. It usually corporates raw edges, exposed seams or distressed textiles. Designers can manipulate the structure of the clothes, reversing people’s common ideas on clothes, to reconstruct and re-invent. They present their thoughts on society and the world, through their designs of deconstructed style of clothing.

The audience not only immersed in the beauty of the fashion designs, but also understand different interpretations by designers on different themes. It is a show of creativity and beauty.

The fashion show began with the words of the hosts Jason and Vivien. With the applause and of the audience, Sparkling performed for us first. Their powerful dances immediately ignited the enthusiasm of all the audience. 

After their performance, the show moved on to the mostly anticipated part—The catwalk show.

The models were divided into 7 different groups. In each group, the models came out one by one. After their first appearance, the designers went on stage with their models to introduce their design concepts and their interpretations on the theme. The judges (Ms Barbara Delprete,Ms Zeynep Attar,Ms Lindi Shi,Mr Yusir)would present their valuable comments and suggestions. At the same time, they would grade the designers work based on visual appeals and creativity, and grade the models based on their expressions.

The lights on the stage dimmed suddenly, as the music started, an elegant profile walking in accordance with the music stepped onto the stage. From seeing only glimmering gold pattern and some white veil to the suddenly ignition of the models by the spotlight, the show started with the theme “Ecstasy of gold” in such an unexpected way.

The second group of models came up immediately after the first group of models and designers finished presenting their ideas. They have completely different styles and ideas with the first group although they are presenting the same theme.

The third group was also unique. The blue dress seemed special in this theme of “Ecstasy of Gold”.

A different piece of music started, suggesting to us the change of the theme. Group four to six presented us with the theme of “Deconstruction”. The first model on stage surprised the audience with a design combined with different materials and a very special structure.

The fifth group was eye-catching: the irregular golden pattern and deconstructed dresses. Clodia’s walk won a lot of applauds and shout outs from the audience because of her specially designed postures that carried strong personality.

Group 6 continuously brought us various surprises. Kingfu and Qiqi’s design received appraisals from the judges and the audience.

The designers in the last group combined both themes together, bringing us to the end of the show with more depths.

The models came back onto the stage in pairs after group seven. Irene from SCIE singing club then performed us “Adore u” with her beautiful voice to end up the show.

Then it came the most exciting part of the show—the awards ceremony. There were four awards this year for a pair of ‘Best Model’ and ‘Best Designer’ voted from the audience, and another pair voted from the judges. Mr. Yusri went on stage to congratulate the winning models and designs.

Best designer from the judges: KingFu & Qiqi (Left)

Best designer from the audience: Lynsey(right)

Best model from the judges: Eden (Left)

Best model from the audience: Alaina (Right)

After the awards, the Fashion Show officially came to an end. Finally, we should have special thank to Dora, president of Fashion Show, and her staff for their efforts in planning this Fashion Show. We are grateful for teachers in the school for their support, designers and models for their works, and all the audience who came to watch the Fashion Show.