The Cross-Curriculum Project Between G2 Drama and Music


The cross-curriculum project between G2 Drama and Music started with an idea to further develop students’ creative works. We looked at the similarities shared in Devising Theatre and Composing in Music and realised that there is room for more creativity and complementarity even though Music and Drama have differences in genre, style, form, character, and structure.

The objective for music students was to create and complement different dramatic contexts by applying composed music and increasing performance experiences. For drama students, it was to use composed music as a stimulus to develop a devising performance. 

Although the performances were unavoidably imperfect because of the limited time, they gave G2 students a great taste of the cross-curriculum project and inspired their creativity in another spectrum. 

Students Review

The music/drama collaboration was an exciting experience that allowed the students to explore beyond their boundaries and try out new things that might seem difficult or uncomfortable at first but actually rewarding at last. It is a creative idea that intrigued me the first time I heard about it, especially now that I have the chance to experience a subject that I had never chosen and meet some of my friends that I have never had the opportunity to be in the same class. 

Throughout the progress of preparing for this short act, many problems occurred, and they led us to more creative approaches. The drama warm-up game was a good way of letting us (mostly music students who have no idea what’s going on) open ourselves and make some new friends with the warm-hearted drama students. 

This collaboration granted a lot of us a new perspective towards drama, and I would look forward to more collaboration projects in the future (and hope they can be a little longer).




What kind of creative ideas will spark when drama and music collide for the first time? During the first two weeks of school after the Christmas break, a cross-curriculum collaboration was carried out by the drama and music departments. Similar to two hands operating together to produce life, this collaboration is new and intriguing. 

Crossing the border between our studios allowed our souls to merge, a call and response between the stories we share and the collisions of many narratives. I’m overjoyed. 

In addition to being thrilled with the complementary works we have obtained, this unique opportunity has provided the ideal learning experience for us, a chance for performers to love music and, oppositely, for musicians to love drama.




For two weeks, Ms Bianca and Ms Boya introduced us to the Cross-curriculum project. My first impression was excitement but also apprehension. I was excited to meet new students, share my passion for drama, and create something new with them. I was also happy to learn from their musical talent and see what could be devised through multiple aspects of Arts rather than only relying on theatrical conventions like I was used to. However, I was also apprehensive because I feared cooperating with so many unacquainted classmates with so little time would be a big challenge that would demotivate my groupmates and maybe even cause me to lose confidence in myself. I surmised that all I could do was give it my all and embrace the experience, whether it turned into success or failure.

During the project, I found that my worries were largely unfounded and that all my team members, no matter their ability, held an extremely positive attitude towards working together despite not knowing each other. We often laughed and joked with each other while sharing our talents in the creative process, and it was a source of happiness for the two weeks that the program lasted.

When the time for performance came at the end of the two weeks, there was tangible tension in our group since we were going to go last. At times I feared that our groupmates would lose confidence when we saw how elaborate other performances were. I feared our devised performance was inadequate, and we would lose face. Despite the project not counting towards GPA, everybody truly gave it their all. I was pleasantly surprised during our performance, finding out that all of my groupmates were in high spirits, and we gave a performance that we were all proud of. This experience has been magical, and if I had another chance to try a cross-curriculum project in drama class, I definitely will.