Creative Writing Success at SCIE!

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Maya Angelou

The recent Halloween creative writing competition yielded some inspirational entries! Students from G1 to A2 submitted work, with the final three winners being selected from over fifty entries. Competitors were asked to write a three-hundred-word short story, beginning with the intriguing line “The house on the hill had stood abandoned for half a century…”.

The results were very close, however, the eventual winners were:

  • 3rd Koloris Wu (5011)
  • 2nd Nara Miao (20433)
  • 1st Elisa Wang (20464)

Congratulations to all entrants! Whilst this was a competition, I hope that students enjoyed the opportunity to express themselves through the medium of creative writing. I look forward to seeing what they produce for the next competition – the FOBISIA short story contest. This opens on Monday 30th November and closes on 22nd January 2021. Please see the many posters around school for more information.

Ruth Cooper

Winning Entry! Elisa Wang – 20464


The house on the hill had stood abandoned for half a century. It sits now, a dark pupil on the horizon, on the endless iris where the ocean fades into the sky. I turn around, meeting Virgil’s playful, periwinkle gaze (we’re headed for trouble).


The townspeople said: “n’er go to the hills”. They said: “hills’ll eat up naughty children”. Virgil says: “Let’s go now, scaredy-cat”, and he takes my hand. And his hand is warm.


As we cross the threshold, the vague sea smells are smothered by the stench of rot. I shiver. “Vi, we shouldn’t be here.” A sudden yank on my back-collar makes me jump. “Stop that, Virgil.”

“P-you! I bet a rat died in here, race ya to find it.”, and he runs off into the darkness. “Wait, wait”, I gasp. The temperature drops and the wind howls.

I notice the house is windowless.


I’m devastated. I’ve lost him.


Creaks erupt through flat silence as I pace about.


I dash upstairs, and the creaking becomes a hellish cacophony. When I reach the top, another thump sounds from below. I peer down at a the living room—an abyss.


I’m frantic, the bannister gives away and I fall.


Surprisingly strong arms hoist me from oblivion. I’m frozen, the fear within me is beyond death. I think I wet my pants. “Let’s go now.”, I muster, clutching his hand.

I notice his hand is cold.


I sprint down the hill. Virgil catches up, out of breath. “We should hurry, I don’t think the house will let us leave.” I suppose terror really drives people mad because Virgil laughs,“Lead us back to town, Mr. Dare-Devil.” He turns around, pale eyes gleaming. Calm. Infinite.

I’m still scared.