G2 A-Level Options Day Held Successfully


With the beginning of the new year, the school has started a new semester, and for G2 students, an important step is on the agenda: A-level options choice. In order to answer students’ and parents’ questions and help G2 students make the most suitable choices for themselves, the school held the A-level Options Day for all G2 students and parents on January 7.

The whole day was divided into two parts: the Options Assembly for parents in the morning and the Options Fair in the afternoon. The Options Assembly started promptly at 11:10 a.m. in the Halo Theater. Mr Matthew Bellis, G2 Head of Year, gave a brief introduction of the speakers and the schedule for the day, followed by a short speech by our Principal Mr Neil Mobsby, who welcomed and thanked all G2 parents for their participation, but also emphasized that the choice of subjects should ultimately be the student’s choice which need to be respected. He also highlighted the importance of English language skills.

Ms Iris Cheung, the Head of University and Careers Office, walked parents through the timeline of the options choice process and the basic requirements of the school curriculum, and provided some general advice accordingly. For English and Mathematics, which attract most questions from students and parents, the Head of Faculty for both subjects were invited to explain in detail the different options for students in the next two years. In the finishing part, Ms Cheung explained how, in terms of university preparation, students should take into account their academic interests to make their options choices meaningful and helpful for their future development.

After a short lunch break, the Options Fair, which was spread out in several venues around campus, started at 13:15 pm. The booths quickly came alive with students and parents arriving at each subject table to talk to the teachers and student ambassadors.

“What does the syllabus for this subject look like?”

“What is the format of the assessments?”

“Will I be able to keep up if I have not been studied this subject in G Level?”

“I want to go for this major in college, which of these two subjects will be more helpful?”

At the fair, facing a wide variety of questions, teachers of each subject patiently and meticulously explained the subject content and course schedule; student ambassadors shared their class experiences and insights; and university counsellors also gave their guidance from the perspective of university applications. Students and parents read the distributed materials carefully, and many of them were taking notes carefully, saying that they really have benefited a lot from these conversations.

The subject presentations held in some classrooms at designated times were also well-received. They either in the form of nicely-prepared videos, or presentations in person given by the subject heads, providing the audience with a comprehensive and in-depth introduction to the course highlights, subject contents and assessment formats, attracting many students and parents to stop by.

At 15:00, with the announcement of the end of the Options Day, the event came to a successful end. We believe that with the advice gained from this event, with the strong support from their parents, G2 students will be able to make wise options choices that best suits them in their future plan, and complete the next two years of their high school study smoothly.     .