SCIE Ranks Top2 | 2022 China International School Top 100


On January 1st, 2022, 2022 China International School Brand Value Top 100 is officially released by KingLead. This is the 4th year that KingLead has released China International Schools Ranking Series. The ranking aims to find schools with profound brand accumulation or outstanding achievements and characteristics in brand construction, provide reference suggestions for the majority of families to choose schools, and help the construction and development of bilingual international schools in China. 

The private international schools in China (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), which provide international high school curriculums and whose students are aiming at studying abroad. 

“KingLead 2022 China International School Brand Value Top 100” assessment is based on objective data and exclusive data of KingLead Research Department, combined with the evaluation opinions of experts in the field of international education from KingLead Research Department. The ranking evaluates the brand value of international schools from the aspects of certification, teachers, industry influence, and social influence through field research and quantitative evaluation.

The assessment includes four indicators: International Certification Competitiveness, Faculty Competitiveness, Social Influence, and Industry Influence. The evaluation indicators of KingLead 2022 China International School Brand Value Ranking are as follows:

Based on the rankings, KingLead 2022 China International School Brand Value Top 100 also rates the brand value of international schools in China. The top 3 are rated as “5A”, the 4-10 as “4A”, the 11-30 as “3A”, the 31-50 as “2A”, and the 51-100 as “A”.