Happy Teachers’ Day!




—— My feeling about Teachers' Day

It’s already the end of summer, but the weather is still hot and muggy. Every time I go out, the sun shines fiercely and my perspiration comes down like raindrops. Nevertheless, the unceasing autumn rain, the rustling maple leaves, all reveal the arrival of autumn.

Autumn is the season of gold, harvest, and Thanksgiving. In this case, worshipful Teachers’ Day is coming!” As an ancient poem says “Fallen petals is not a heartless thing, transforming into the soil to nourish flowers”, Seeing the flying petals, I cannot help to think of the teachers who guide and accompany us year after year with their shoulder to the collar. However, another Chinese saying goes, “You have pupils blossom everywhere like flowers, so there is no need to plant flowers in front of the hall.” The excellence of Shenzhen College of International Education is due to the diligence and sweat paid by every teacher. As a student of SCIE, a good way to reward them is to work harder.

Like many of my classmates, I spent my primary and middle school years in the traditional nine-year compulsory education. The fast-paced and systematic teaching laid a solid foundation for my follow-up study. In addition, in my golden period of developing the view of life and values, the teachers were like relatives to care for me who redressed my mistakes, rectified my behavior, corrected my thinking. So every year when the teachers’ Day commendation meeting, I would cheer for their appearance.

Later, I was fortunate to be admitted to SCIE. As a G2 student, I deeply realized the differences in teaching methods under different education systems during the past year. The teachers here are not like parents who always urge us and drive us but like experienced guides who help us break through our comfort zone and find our love and light when we are in the period of confusion. Instead of repeating what textbooks say, they often use questions, videos, or personal experiences to stimulate our interest, broaden our thinking, and discover our strengths. In this situation, they not only have to prepare for the in-class teaching, but also collect the essence of extra-curricular knowledge, which seems to be very tired. They still enjoy it without complaining.

Just like the ancient saying ” Teachers’ earnest teaching like father’s word, and their eager talking like friends’ communication.” The life of teachers outside the classroom seems to be the same as us, they will wear bright “House” clothes to cheer on the sports competitions and do not mean to laugh and applause when they watch performances. They also join or run their own clubs and talk about the food in the canteen as students do.  Every little thing in their life makes us see a trait from the teachers in SCIE: enthusiasm — the enthusiasm for teaching, the enthusiasm for life, the enthusiasm for students. At the same time, they will give us enough space and freedom to explore and enjoy campus life.

Although teachers in some subjects cannot accompany us for four years, their past interaction is like a fragment of memory which is deeply reflected in my mind. Every time I think of it, there is always a warm feeling in my mind. This also makes me always look forward to my future colleges and have many questions about them: what will college life be like? Will the mentors and professors there be as enthusiastic as teachers in SCIE? Are they crazy about their field of expertise? Actually, I do not have any clue about them, but I deeply realize that our growth, our excellence, our blooming, cannot exist without good teachers who preach at us, teach us and disabuse us.

The leaves sing in the forest and compose music of Thanksgiving, which is the gratitude of the tree to the earth that nourishes it; White clouds floating in the blue sky, depicting a touching picture, it is the white clouds feeding its gratitude to the blue sky. In this autumn, fresh autumn, fruitful autumn, we are grateful. We appreciate the teacher’s hard work, appreciate the teacher’s enthusiasm which is like fire, appreciate the teacher’s sincerity!

Thousands of words are not as strong as a simple but the most sincere sentence: “Jiao Shi Jie Kuai Le! (教师节快乐)Happy Teacher’s Day!”