SCIE Art Trip | 2021 Art Shenzhen Gallery


On Friday, September 10, all G-level art students were given a unique opportunity to visit the ongoing 2021 Art Shenzhen Gallery and enrich themselves with this valuable learning experience. With excitement and spirit of inquiry, students embarked on a journey of artistic discovery.

The art exhibition has brought together 72 top galleries and professional art institutions from 28 cities in 12 countries and regions worldwide. About 3000 contemporary works of art from 20th century and 21st centuries were exhibited, covering a collage of creative media such as paintings, sculpture, installation, photography, and digital arts. This was a perfect time for students to find inspiration and learn various art styles for their artworks at school.

  • G2 Sabrina

    The moment I stepped into the artistic wonderland, I was astounded by the splendid view and the numerous masterpieces. One of the highlights of the exhibition was the painting Cat in the Mirror III. It was an oil painting on canvas by a modern art master, Barthes. The number of meticulous strokes accumulated on the painting has left everyone speechless. Throughout the tour, I was struck by the flow of emotions conveyed by many artworks. The visit to the exhibition was very beneficial and successful for us. Around the exhibition, it was a pleasure to see groups of students gathering around artwork and studied the artworks with their fascinating expression. Students also had a chance to interact with the artists and the volunteers for each art gallery. Through these discussions, it was easier to resonate with the artists’ ideas. I am very grateful to all teachers who made this visit possible. The visit surely made us full of imaginations of infinite possibilities of art.

  • G1 Amelia

    It’s overwhelming that there’s a thousand of art piece gaze at you, and how they look completely diverse from each other. There is traditional Chinese painting, abstract art, cartoon, etc. Viewing an art gallery is like go inside how each artist feels about the world. Went to Art Shenzhen is certainly a good choice when I found myself fascinated by those masterpieces.

  • G1 Joshua

    It was a blessing Friday morning, all the art students lining up on the front row waiting for the bus, to carry us to the art exhibition. At the second that we enter the exhibition, everybody were totally shocked by the spectacular scene, more than 50 small rooms were displayed in this huge gallery. Different style of art were showed, from performing art to digital art, from statue to sketch. It was a wonderful trip for students to learn and borrow ideas from those great artists.

  • A1 Mable

    The trip to "Art Shenzhen" exhibition really was a fascinating experience! I was very excited to enter the hall and to see the large space all filled with artworks from a variety of artists, then shocked again by the vast range of artworks that were included in the exhibition: from abstract paintings, surrealistic artworks to sculptures, mixed medias and photorealistic arts... All of the art students took out their cameras to capture and record the artworks that interested them the most, and everyone were able to find their own "favourites" on display. I am so glad that I was there to be able to closely observe the artworks, instead of viewing them digitally, because it gave a completely different visual experience; it allowed me to see exquisite details in the paintings and sculptures, as well as building an emotional connection to the artworks created by the different sizes that were deliberately chosen by the artists. This art exhibition really has given me lots of inspirations to be built on and developed into my portfolio, and more trips like this in the future would be very useful to us.

  • A2 Andy

    We had been really longing for this field trip. Expressionism, Cubism, Surrealism and Pop Arts—Those words jumped out from the text book and filled my mind through the artifacts in the exhibition. I still remember an oil painting of a small town, I was so fancied with the detailed texture of the dwellings and the use of light. Inspired by this, I will try to use it in my own course work as a reference. On the Standing in the exhibition and perceiving those marvelous artwork could really make a huge difference rather than simply looking at them through the internet pictures.