International Language Day at SCIE


On the SCIE Language Day of 2021, teachers and students conducted a variety of activities led by the Language Faculty: more than a dozen students and teachers from different language backgrounds shared and recorded their own language learning experiences and stories. The team edited a short film and shared the colourful language learning environment of SCIE with the school.

When asked about their most memorable word in a foreign language, an interviewee answered, without hesitation, with the Spanish word — “cucaracha”. He then proceeds to express his initial appreciation for the smooth vowel sounds, the pleasing rhythm of the triple “ra” syllables, and how it reminded him of an image of rural scenery… only to later find out that the word, in fact, stands for “cockroach” — arguably the most hated insect species known to men. In addition, many students and teachers have trilingual or even quadrangular abilities, which shocked the people who edited the video.

As well as the interviews on campus, a few more activities took place at SCIE on the days leading to Sep 26,

  • Students were offered the opportunity to design a t-shirt for the EDL organization, and the entries are still welcome until December 2021.
  • A survey for staff was created. There were around 60 replies with very interesting findings
  • G1 and G2 spent some time during PSHE having an intro lesson to a foreign language, delivered by students and/or the Form Teacher.
  • From Friday through Tuesday there was a languages quiz displayed on the TV screens and accessible through QR codes.
  • Also on Friday, staff were wearing stickers with a word/phrase in a language of their choice.
  • The library produced colourful posters to promote available resources in different languages and students who borrowed some will be receiving a little gift.
  • Ann Café joined us in celebrating by offering French, Spanish and Japanese dishes during the week
  • On Sunday 26 Sep, students took part on an online competition through Education Perfect

Origin of European Language Day

European Language Day was celebrated on September 26th to raise public awareness of the importance of language learning and the preservation of language heritage. The idea of ​​making the public believe in the importance of learning more languages ​​was first proposed at the New European Language Learning Conference held in 1997. In addition to this, a common reference frame for European languages ​​and the concept of multilingualism were also introduced. The holding of the first European Language Festival was sought after by many people, and millions of people from 45 different countries participated in it. Subsequently, the Council of Europe Ministerial Committee decided at the end of 2001 to set September 26 each year as European Language Day, its purposes include:

  1. Celebrating the linguistic diversity of Europe, the multilingualization of its citizens and lifelong language learning;
  2. By encouraging openness to different languages ​​and cultures, raising awareness of European linguistic heritage and promote its rich diversity;
  3. Encourage European citizens to develop multiple languages ​​and to achieve a certain level of proficiency in multiple languages;
  4. Encourage and support lifelong language learning to promote personal development.

They firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from the cultural and economic advantages of language skills. Language learning also helps cultivate tolerance and understanding among people of different languages ​​and cultural backgrounds.