SCIE 2021 G1 Camp


On the morning of the 29th, the G1 students took the bus to Huizhou Avernus Ecological Park for a camping trip. It was already noon when buses arrived at the camping site. After a brief refreshment, the staff organised a lunch for the students after a short opening ceremony.

At lunchtime, students were worried about their lunch. There were a variety of ingredients on the table, both meat and vegetables. Cooking at home is hard enough; cooking at camp became a real challenge. Fortunately, with the cooperation of the students and teachers, we were able to divide up the work quickly, washing, chopping and stir-frying the vegetables. Finally, everyone enjoyed a great lunch after hard work.

After lunch, the campsite became warmer and warmer. Students gathered on the lawn for the afternoon games. After a couple of hours, everyone was getting used to the environment of the campsite, and they had to face the main event of the Camping — House Competition. G1s were divided into different groups according to House and form classes and played against each other in several games. Each student was actively involved in the game, using their intellectual and physical strengths to work with each other to win the honour for their class and House. After an afternoon of intense competition, the connection between students of the same class and the same House became significantly stronger.

The performance started at 8pm. Music and dance elevated the dreary summer night. The night was gentle, wrapping the stage in a world of joy. Offstage, students waved glow sticks to the rhythm and cheered for the performance, leaving beautiful and colourful memories.

The following day, we woke up in the dawn and get ready for the day. Rubbing eyes and packing tent, the day in Huizhou was still as muggy as yesterday. Taking a few more breaths of the morning fog before the camp turned into a big oven, G1s came out from their tent and wandered around the park.

The highlight of the day was the Prefects’ Treasure Hunt, where students had to find a specific spot, pose and take a photo according to a hint. The first group to complete all 15 tasks within two hours would get lots of points for their House. Soon, the park was filled with students happily running around. They were looking at ostriches and posing with “elephants”. The fastest group finished all the photos in just 31 minutes. The two hours flew fast, students who had completed their task went to the canteen, and made mochi. After lunch, everyone returned to the campsite again to await the announcement of the results of the camp by Year Leader Ross. The winning House would have the opportunity to put their own House suit on the Camping mascot, a large teddy bear. In the end, Metal ended Water’s years-long monopoly on the Camping title with a gutsy performance at Camping, giving the bear a new golden costume!

With good memories and tiredness, G1s boarded the bus and set off for home.