Metal 2 Class Meeting Report | I Have Food to Comfort the World

Food is a basic necessity to all humans. Long ago when there was no pans, ovens or germicides, looking for something edible in nature was a challenge. Our ancestors managed to survive with experience, then they came up with various ideas to turn raw meat of herbs into food, such as putting them over fire. These ideas and skills passed from one generation to the next, and each generation added their ideas and improved on the old ones. This is how the art of cooking is born.

Last Wednesday, the first of April, Metal 2 class had a class meeting, the topic is making Chiffon cakes. I did a demonstration with my camera opened, and shared some of my experience. I was very interested in making cakes, so I did some research and practiced a few times. It was harder than I thought, I failed most of the times, but I never gave up. Now I can make a Chiffon cake successfully!

I never thought of being a cook. Having some cooking skills is necessary for everyone, even if you don’t want to be a cook.

You might have on your parents to cook for you, but they can’t do it forever, sooner or later you will have to look after yourself. Restaurants and takeaways are not always available, and the food serving are not always safe. However if you cook for yourself, not only is the safety guaranteed, the taste of homemade food is something you can’t find in the outside foods. It is a very special taste, you can call it the taste of your own creation! 

Cooking helps to ease stress and release your tensions. Chopping up vegetables, baking bread or cakes, stirring a pot of soup or sauce, while you let your mind wander and drift away from the worries – this is what cooking is about. All these give a great sense of satisfaction. It will be even more gratifying when your dishes are praised by others.

It is not only your life that is improved by your cooking skills, also the ones around you, such as your parents and friends. After a stressful day of working or studying, a delicious meal is just what they need. Cooking is a skill that helps you attract the opposite sex. Who isn’t impressed with their partner who can cook well?The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

Conclusion: Cooking is a very useful skill and is fairly easy to learn, if you can cook you will never starve, even if you are far from your hometown.