Online Session | The Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Community and Personal Life

It has been two months since the outbreak of the COVID-19 and the outbreak has reshaped the world to a great extent. On the previous PSHE session on Zoom, Tom and Vivian organized a discussion on the impact of COVID-19 on the entire world as well as ourpersonal lives.

In the first part of the online session, Tom invited several participants to talk about their opinions on the impact towards industries and the economy. One of the students mentioned about the stock market in the United States. He mentioned about the Dow Jones Index more than 900 points and S&P 500 recorded the biggest weekly drop since October 2008. Although the FED cut the interest close to zero, the lack of confidence over the economy of the investors is still causing great impact on the entire stock market. Other participants mentioned some of the typical industries that will suffer from the pandemic including airlines, retail and catering industry.

In the second part of the meeting, Vivian started with the topic of the impact of COVID-19 on our personal life. We mentioned about the pros and cons of online courses. Although online courses save time, it is not effective due to the lack of interaction between students and teachers and thus most of us would hope to get back to our campus. The pandemic also causes inconvenience in our daily lives, for example delivery and take-out services are not allowed to enter the buildings.