Nina Ning: The Best is not Always the Best for Yourself



Graduate of Class of 2022, The University of Manchester

1. About SCIE

♦ Decision of my Major

After entering high school, I do not have an exact university application’s direction, so I refer to the subjects I have studied, which are more interested and good at to choose for the college major. Compared with other subjects, I am more interested in humanities and social sciences and the examination mode and teaching content of social science in A-Level courses. First of all, because I have chose sociology in my previous studying, and there is an unit in sociology that is related to education, which gives me some senses of future education. Secondly, for a long time, I have been very interested in teaching and educating people, and I am willing to do it in the future. My achievements in humanities and social sciences are also relatively fine. Although it is often said that learning Education is difficult to find a job which I am worrying about it myself as well, but I think Education as my college major is the most appropriate choice in a comprehensive way when there is still opportunities and space to choose. At least that’s what I think now. What’s going to happen in the future, I don’t know at the moment.

♦ My Choices of Subjects during A1 and A2

My grade A course selection basically continued the subject I was good at when I was studying IGCSE/GCSE. I chose English language/math/geography/sociology/physics. It may be that I laid some foundation when I studied before, so when I studied the same subject in grade A, I didn’t find it too difficult. However, although it is probably my own problem in physics, even though my physics score in IG test is fine, I also feel very difficult when I study AS content, I also feel very difficult, very difficult to understand which has caused that I have taken the worst grades in physics in this year. Therefore, it is also a matter of surprise, physics is actually a subject with a high level of national communication, but it may not be a subject that has been well studied before/most people can learn well must be suitable for learning, and the key point is to see their own ability and interests. I’ve never been interested in science, because I don’t have interest and I don’t want to try to understand it, which is a point that I didn’t think about when I chose courses.

2. University Application

♦ How to Chooose University

The college choice is largely based on the advice given to me by the school adviser. I used to think that I might have the ability to apply for Oxbrige before admission. Later, I realized my ability and willingness more accurately, and changed some of the college plans I had thought about. When I was in junior high school, I went to Britain once and found that I liked the classical atmosphere of England very much. In my later geographical learning, I also realized that the northeast of England has experienced relatively big reforms. The complex historical background and the secondary development of nirvana in the later stage have deeply aroused my interest in this area. And Manchester in this area is a city that I heard about a long time ago, and it’s also a prosperous city, which appeals to me very much. The University of Manchester has a long reputation, and it is a school that I often listen to when I enter the international system, so I decided to focus my application on the university of Manchester.

♦ Personal Statement

During the first stage of the application, I was very confused about the personal statement, but my school consultant was very patient in teaching me how to learn the knowledge I needed to write paperwork, such as using coursera, an online course learning platform. Through coursera’s course study, I found that I was very interested in the prevention of campus violence, which also strengthened my willingness to study education and began to try to learn more about anti-bullying, hoping to help me study in college. Not only that, the school consultant also explained the structure of the document for me, and what kind of ideas should be used to explain my ideas, I have benefited a lot.    

3. Thanks for SCIE

I believe that SCIE has directly and indirectly provided a lot of help on my application, so that I can make the application smoothly. In the years of national exchanges, I also learned more about people and things through contact with teachers and classmates. Gradually, I began to understand that excellent academic performance is closely related to rigorous living habits and good personal character. The learning experience in the national relations not only taught me the way to learn, but also made me understand the importance of good students and good teachers. Because of such diligent and ambitious people living here, so that I can create such a brilliant school ah, I often think so.