Rhythmic Rowing Gleams: The Aquatic Melody of SCIE Rowing Club


Shenzhen, a vibrant metropolis, where every corner echoes with youthful strides. On the vast waters of DaSha River in Nanshan, every Friday afternoon, as the sunset casts a golden glow on the river, members of the SCIE Rowing Club can be seen rowing gracefully, becoming the dazzling stars in this scenic vista.

Rowing is more than a sport; it’s a supreme challenge to resilience, determination, and especially teamwork. Each stroke into the water, every perfect synergy, narrates tales of grit and collaboration. The rowers from SCIE not only experience the thrill of speed and wind but engage in an extreme challenge and pursuit towards life and self. Oxford and Cambridge are considered academic sanctuaries by many SCIE students, and the most known and historic athletic event between these two prestigious institutions is the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race. The emphasis on rowing reflects a desire to perpetuate the century-old rowing culture and spirit.

Come summer of 2023, our SCIE Rowing Club marked its full-scale participation in the Shenzhen Youth Rowing Championship, a first for our club in a citywide competition.

The championship was held on the waters of MaoZhou River in Guangming District. On the day of the competition, under the scorching sun, the participants were high-spirited, displaying fierce competition. The rivalry between boats, each moment was heart-stopping, every overtaking ignited the combativeness of each participant. The cheers and encouragements from classmates and coaches on the shore fueled the rowers with endless power. 

Our SCIE competitors rowed passionately, securing laudable achievements by winning the Women’s Double Sculls gold, a gold and a bronze in Four’s, and a silver in Men’s Four, marking a proud reciprocation for every drop of sweat shed in training!

Post-competition, some members shared their reflections:

Victory in competition doesn't solely depend on individual effort but on seamless team coordination. Prior to the competition, we devoted two hours daily to on-water pair training, undeterred by frequent rains. We honed our sailing skills together, exploring the path to excellence, which laid a solid foundation for our synchronized performance in the race... This whimsical moment not only added a comedic episode to my rowing journey but deepened my understanding of the challenges and joys of rowing. It’s an unforgettable experience.

I started rowing in fifth grade... Now, rowing is more than just a physical exercise for me; it's a source of joy amidst mundane life, a time of laughter with teammates, a gracious congratulation to others even in defeat. Having participated in many rowing competitions and met many interesting peers, I hope rowing can become a hobby and a sense of belonging for more people.

I was introduced to rowing in my first year at SCIE... With the support from teammates and guidance from coaches, I gradually grew from a beginner to a key team member. After a year of hard work, we finally achieved proud results in this year's city championship, winning a silver medal alongside my teammates.

The shared experiences reveal the rowers’ love for rowing and the invaluable experiences and life insights gained from this sport. In fact, every member of the SCIE Rowing Club hopes to gradually introduce the culture and charm of rowing to more students through their actions.

For those energetic students harboring dreams, the doors of our rowing club are always open. Here, you can feel the thrill of speed, and experience the warmth and understanding of a team. We, the SCIE Rowing Club members, aspire to pen our rowing story on the beautiful waters, to evolve into a stronger and more competitive team, striving for more glory for our team and our school!