SCIE Fish Club


With the improvement of the appearance repair system of SCIE Creek, the last batch of koi carp entered the water, and the project that our whole team has worked hard for nearly two months is about to usher in a successful conclusion in a short period.

I am A1 new student Frank Jiang Guanyu, an aquarium and pet climbing enthusiast. When I first came to school, I was attracted by streams. A trickle of water is refreshing. I always felt like something very important was missing.

An ancient poem often says, “When the mountain is not high, there is a fairy spirit; when the water is not deep, there is a dragon spirit.” But for me, the dragon is just a symbol, and the fish is the real spirit in the water, whether it is grass carp, crucian carp, or koi, golden arowana, each fish has its own characteristics and has its own unique beauty. Water is alive only when there are fish in it. SCIE is not only a multicultural campus, but also a biologically diverse campus with multiple layers of vitality and vitality.

Where the dream really began, because of a seven-star fish. I’m sure a lot of people remember that. It is because of him that I found a group of friends who love fish and love nature, which is now the fish club. They hit it off and were ready to come up with ideas to make the campus more vibrant, and many teachers were interested in doing so. With the support of the school, teachers and group members, we got the permission and started the road of fish farming.

At first we bought some small fish, guppies, small carp, white cloud gold wire, killifish… These lovely creatures, one by one, are led into the stream, and every day there are unexpected surprises, you will see small fry, you will see groups of small fish moving through the stream. Step by step, trying, adjusting, constantly measuring the value, constantly observing and recording the state of the fish, we found the most suitable species, which can maximize the beautification of the campus and fit the style of the school – koi.

After the small fish took shape, we considered introducing large fish, and after many discussions decided to introduce koi. Koi is an ornamental fish with a traditional Chinese image, which forms an interesting aesthetic contrast with the concept of internationalization and diversification of deep international relations. Everyone wishes good luck, koi, means a bright future, every exam or blessing, there will be koi. Since ancient times, koi has been a “feng shui” fish, which is not only very ornamental, but also very good and cold. Koi, means auspiciousness, health, happiness, friendship, opportunity and fame. Since ancient times, carp jump Dragon Gate, I hope that every student can fly to a famous school, to achieve their ideals and goals. At the same time, groups of koi are also very ornamental, you can clearly see them playing and chasing in the water.

Each koi is carefully selected and has traveled a long way. Every year hundreds of thousands of fish fry, selected out of a beautiful pattern, only less than a thousand, from the selection of fish, food, transportation, every action, are circling on the edge of death. Choosing a pattern that fits the campus style is the longest process. Ink koi: meaning pen and ink, adapted to the campus of the book; Red and white koi: meaning health; Three colors (Dashe and Showhe) : meaning meaning auspicious; Gold and silver: meaning academic and career success… Then it is to stop eating, before the long journey express transportation, to starve for a few days or even weeks to prevent the lack of oxygen on the road. Finally, there is transportation. Some fish will suffer from hypoxia and stress when they arrive. Every time they arrive, we will rescue them together with our team members. They live long enough to see generations of students go to college.

Apart from the success, I also hope that you can stop for the vitality and beauty of the campus environment, and enjoy the “paradise” from the “pool of fish can be hundreds of heads, all like empty travel without a place to rely on”.

Along the way, is our dream, is the support of the school, is the success and failure again and again, along the way, encountered problems to solve the problem, the school and the community together to give advice, transform the environment, beautify the campus, and achieve today’s results. Glider and shallow, like elves in the water, play, grab food. With the “fish see people to red tail shaking, flowers with the water to the elegance of Jin Shuchuan”; With the “carp son contention red wagging tail play, frog and green hiding” full of vitality; With Mai Mai tan fish floating lang mirror, leisurely mountain chrysanthemum to send fragrance wind.” The poetic sense of painting; With “a pool of gold carp play lotus money, splash jade fall eyes side” of the fish play…

I hope koi can bring you good luck, exams, life, feelings, career… We also hope that more people can join us. Students who are interested can maintain and raise these aquatic spirits together. There is no need for breeding experience. Members of the club will guide you slowly, and everyone can get close to the ornamental fish. You’ll see all kinds of fish. With the strong support of the school and teachers, we are further transforming, planting some water plants to increase the ornamental features, adding some equipment to increase oxygen, and keeping the fish pond clear. I believe that with the joint efforts of everyone, we can overcome many difficulties and create a perfect and vibrant campus.

I believe that in the near future, the students can go to experiment, to record, to observe nature, to put down the fatigue of learning, feel the quiet nature, lean against the bar and watch the fish in the pond, and drink together to enjoy the autumn wind.

Finally, thanks to the great support of our teachers and staff, with everyone’s joint efforts and support, we gradually made some achievements.

Interested students can contact us and join our club.