SCIE Provides More Options for My Future


Winston Zhang

2020 graduate of SCIE, studying at University College London

Not only does SCIE give me chance to leave traditional school, but also it provides more options for my future.

During the first few months, I didn’t get so much homework so that I can have more time to find out my interest. The process of self-learning became a major part of studying. I didn’t accommodate well at the beginning, which made me feel like there is no much things to do. So I spent much time on gaming but the consequences came soon. I passed my exams using knowledge and memories from my traditional school. The results weren’t good enough. I took a long time to adapt but I think it is normal so all the freshers should not be worried about it.

The difference in information is huge in such a school. Many of my classmates have already prepared for exams like sat and bpho while I had no ideas what they are. Stay calm and trust yourself, everything will work out. Every time I get nervous, I book an appointment or just go to UCO to chat with iris. She is so kind and caring. She helped me a lot in my last year in SCIE.

I think the essential part of preparing alevel exams is doing past papers because you can see very similar questions in real exams. I chose physics as my major. I know people may think it is hard to decide a major. In my opinion, I think there is no much ways for me to find out whether this choice is good or not so I won’t regret for it.

When I had my interviews with teachers in Balliol college, I was more calm and had better result compared to my first college. Although I didn’t get an offer, I think the experience of communicating with professors is splendid and I think I was doing my best.

I have improved a lot in multiple aspects during my two-years journey in SCIE. I sincerely hope that there will be bright future for all sciers.