Another year. Another SGT. 

Although the seats are not filled with crowds, I felt the endless devotion of the contestants to the performances and my love for art. When the performances started to sing or dance, the photographers beside me and I would inadvertently express our admiration and amazement, both by their talent and by their passion.

SGT’s program was very diverse, with performances of classical Chinese art, Western chamber music, and modern pop music playing and singing, each program was on its epic level. Before one song ended, another joined, and we were always in high spirits, always looking forward to the next.

What’s intriguing is that the singers of the SGT semifinal seemed to own a fondness for Adele, and her songs Easy on Me and Rolling In The Deep were performed by two groups of singers respectively. Their fascinating renditions expressed their adoration for music, and even after the applause ended, their beautiful voices still echoed in our minds, leaving us with a sense of intangible beauty.

In my opinion, one of the most impressive programs was How far I’ll go, a classic Disney song that has connotations with an island girl, who is brave and optimistic, who dares to challenge herself, and who openly sings her songs towards nature.

As a classical music lover, a piece of classical music would illuminate my SGT semifinal experience. The five musicians played wonderful music with their instruments. Elegance is the only word I could come up with, I feel that I am being baptized.


On the afternoon of the finals, EVENT members focus on their jobs to ensure everything has been completed perfectly- the nice-decorated props are in the right place, the lights were in the comfy zone, and the sound leaves an astonishing effect on the audience. Compared to the semi-final, the theater is full of people

As the light turns dimmed, everyone starts to focus on the stage with excitement and anticipation. As the host announces the opening, the 2022 SGT final has officially begun.

01 Franz Schubert: String Quartet No.12

The opening act was a chamber music quartet. As a guest of the SGT final, a nine-minute-long classical music is the best way to begin the annual show. Warm light spills over the four elegant figures standing on the stage, and the talented musicians create a musical masterpiece. At the end of the song, the purple curtain slowly faded away, leaving the classic melody which lingers in people’s minds.

02 Hero

Just imagine the images: a warm winter fireplace, toasted marshmallow-scented candles, and a vinyl record player playing Mariah Carey’s classic songs. Coco’s sweet smile and her ethereal voice seemed to beat up the atmosphere of the theater, with the famous ending- “That a hero lies in you.”

03 Blow(SGT Runner-up)

“Whoa!” “Wow” “AHHHH”

The soulful light sketches the outline of a woman in a white suit and white bowler hat, who uses her fingertips and toes to draw a trace in the light and shadow. The combination of strength and flexibility formed the dance, which is so stunning that brings a climax to the theater.

04 Dear Theodosia

One stage, two high stools, under purple and yellow lights. Imagine two men singing about their bitterness under the background of uncertain life and fate. They might be reckless outside to earn a living, but what they revealed in front of their loved ones is the purest emotion of unconditional love, reflecting their compromise and expectation towards life. The singers of SGT have replicated the emotions in the original musical and has received enormous support from the audience.

05 La Campanella(SGT Winner)

This is a piano solo of an Italian sonata with short and urgent notes. Being famous Allegro, the right hand of the pianist jumps between intervals greater than one octave. How great dexterity and professionalism he needs to have to perform such a difficult piece! The students around me held their breath and stared in awe. As the last scale ended, the pianist lifted his hand decisively and the theater was filled with huge applause and cheers.

06 This is me

The curtain reopened and members of the Acapella Club are presenting a song called This is me, without the heavy soundtracks brought by instruments, the chorus of vocals from different registers is very touching. Notes come out freely, and singing and vocal complement each other.

07 Misty Grace(SGT 3rd Place)

A Chinese classical dancer goes onto the stage with a fan in her hand and dances slowly to the sound of pipa and yangqin. This is a dialogue across time and space: in the fusion of classical instrumental dance and modern music, a charming picture of Jiangnan unfolds in front of us.


Sparkling’s dynamic and cool dance, with hip-hop style, is the immediate carnival after the interval, pulling the tired audience back to the stage of the talent show.

09 Young and Beautiful

“Contemporary music critics lauded the single, calling it “haunting” and “somber”.” It sounds like another great song! Jazz always brings a sense of comfiness, and the mix of multiple instruments and vocals alters the classic song subtly. With sax, guitar, bass, guitar, and piano, this is a fantastic concert!

10 It’s Quiet Uptown

Hamilton has gained a lot of fans in SCIE, and after the main show Dear Theodosia, another classic attacked: It’s Quiet Uptown. As a musical, the singers again performed with great devotion, passing their enthusiasm all around the hall.

11 Moments

Across the long river of time, crossing the boundaries of space. Yangqin, pipa, guitar, saxophone; Chinese folk music and classical jazz; traditional music from the East and the West; were played together all at once. When a dancer in a red dress swirled onto the stage with a fan, the moment the skirt was raised, emotion and power burst out under the spotlight.

12 Rhapsody

What will happen if two masters meet? Solo dancer and Piano Solo collaborated on ” Rhapsody,” a piece that brought the show to its final climax with the exuberance of the keyboard and the passion of the dancers. The music slowly receded, a rose quietly bloomed, and what remained was the passion and love of the whole audience for SGT.

12 programs soon came to an end, and with the announcement of the top three winners, the feast finally came to an end, with endless memories of every person who was involved in the show.

The spectacle falls, wonder awaits.