Shenzhen International School Heads’ Meeting at SCIE

November, it was early autumn in Shenzhen. Along with the warm sunlight, the Shenzhen International School Heads Meeting was held at the new An Tuo Hill Campus of SCIE. From 9:15 in the morning, twelve invited school representatives started to arrive at the lush green campus, and they were attracted by the ground garden surrounded by slender bamboo and the running stream with stones in the inner courtyard at the school entrance.

The Principle of SCIE, Mr. Neil Mobsby delivered a speech to welcome and thank everyone for attending this meeting. Afterwards, Pastoral Deputy Principal of SCIE, Ms. Lisa Haitana gave a brief introduction on the measures to improve campus safety in the new academic year and other school heads also expressed their views on it. The focus of the meeting was on how to run the school under the unpredictable situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, how to provide assistance to each other, and how to help stranded teachers overseas to return to Shenzhen as soon as possible.

Before the frenzy of networking at the conference had worn off, the school representatives were thrilled by a school tour designed and organised by the student representatives Harper, Queenie, and Oscar. From the lively green football pitch and creative sky track outside the meeting rooms to the light and airy design of the classrooms and the Morandi Grey façade, the guests were impressed and delighted. Mr. Boris Denisov, Head of Arts (Visual and Performing), gave guests a tour of the music rooms, piano rooms, recording studios, and introduced the advanced teaching equipment in them. Finally, the group headed to the school’s new Ann Café for lunch. The guests were impressed by the exquisite dishes and they couldn’t help but taking photos to share with colleagues and friends.

The school representatives said they were most impressed by the spacious teaching space and the well-equipped teaching and living facilities, such as the state-of-the-art theatre with large capacity and the spacious gym for both teachers and students. At the same time, the guests said that the architectural design and space utilization of the new campus inspired them to have a new understanding of the innovation of a modern school. The guests also praised the student representatives who accompanied them were energetic and articulated, and it was a pleasure to interact with such great students.

After this successful meeting, we believe that a strong bond has been formed among many international schools in Shenzhen. In the future, we as a strong union will continue to promote effective communication and mutual assistance across schools, striving to make positive efforts for the development and growth of international schools in Shenzhen.